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Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Soibelman, Lucio

Co-Authors: I-S Jung, JH Garrett Jr, K Lipkin
Paper Title: "Application of Spatial Clustering Analysis to a Sewage Collection System of a Mid-Sized City."
Citation: Proceedings of the ASCE Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering, Issa R (ed) International conference on computing in civil engineering, Clearwater Beach, Florida, ASCE, pp 537-544.


Lee, Jiin-Jen

Co-Authors: OD Schneider, DM Hughs, M Lechevallier, P Schwartz, P Sylvester
Paper Title: "Determining Vulnerability and Occurrence of Residential Backflow."
Citation: AWWA Journal (American Water Works Association) Vol. 102, No. 8 (August 2010), pp. 52-63.

Soibelman, Lucio

Co-Authors: Y Ying, JH Garrett Jr, J Harley, IJ Oppenheim, J Shi
Paper Title: "Damage Detection in Pipes under Changing Environmental Conditions Using Embedded Piezoelectric Transducers and Pattern Recognition Techniques."
Citation: Proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology, J. Pipeline Syst. Eng. Pract., 4(1): 17-23.


Masri, Sami

Co-Authors: GW Housner, LA Bergman, TK Caughey, AG Chassiakos, RO Claus, RE Skelton, TT Soong, BF Spencer, JTP Yao
Paper Title: "Structural Control: Past, Present and Future."
Citation: ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 123(9), 897-971.


Le-Griffin, Hanh

Paper Title: "Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) Models and Nested Logit (NL) Models in the Context of Neo-Classical Consumer Theory."
Citation: Japan Society for Civil Engineering (JSCE), J. Infrastructure Plan. And Man. No. 506/IV-26, 129-136, January 1995.

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