Corporations and Foundations

USC Viterbi Corporate and Foundation Relations plays a vital role in connecting philanthropic organizations and corporate funders to USC Viterbi.  We work with faculty and administrators, and with foundations and corporations, to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that advance knowledge and have the potential to make a positive impact on campus and in the world.

Services we typically offer:

  • Manage relationships with a broad range of companies and foundations
  • Identify well-matched funding sources and develop customized fundraising strategies
  • Share our direct knowledge of and insights about key organizations
  • Arrange on- and off-campus visits with representatives from foundations and industry
  • Facilitate interactions between corporate and foundation representatives and USC faculty and leadership
  • Write and edit proposals and letters of inquiry
  • Secure letters of support to accompany proposals
  • Provide necessary documentation to accompany proposals
  • Lead compliance and stewardship efforts, including recognition opportunities and grant reports
  • Coordinate with key contacts across campus to foster collaborations, support interdisciplinary centers, and advance institutional priorities

Contact Us:

Maurena Nacheff-Benedict
Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
(310) 766-1223

Blair Lake
Senior Director, Corporate Relations
(323) 203-7802

James Hale
Senior Director, Corporate Relations
(650) 533-3478

Lisa Mitchell
Senior Director, Foundation Relations
(323) 422-0994

Ryan Saenz
Development Coordinator
(915) 276-4421

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Published on September 19th, 2019

Last updated on April 24th, 2024