VIP Honor Roll of Donors

As part of the USC Viterbi Innovation Partners, the following supporters are helping current and future students in their quests to be great engineers. To be a part of this elite group means you are helping us to grow engineering at USC to a higher level of excellence. Thanks to your gift, you are leaving an important philanthropic legacy that helps to make an impact on the lives of our students, who will in turn, make a positive difference in our community, nation and the world.

NOTE: The VIP members listed below are donors who made a gift in support of USC Viterbi as of
July 1, 2020.

If for some reason you don't see your name on this list and you are a VIP member, call us at 213.821.2921 and we'll fix this.  We want to make sure all VIP members are acknowledged accordingly. 

Thank you for your support and for being a VIP!

Dean's Circle ($10,000-$24,999)

Andrea and Christopher Borch
Thomas and Cynthia Burke
Patrick Chraghchian and Marlene Markari
Gene and Connie Colabatistto
Jim Hsieh
Lawrence and Susan Kellner
James and Gail Kerry
Anand Ramakrishna & Soumya Subramanian
George Schnerk
Michael and Angie Sheha
Shirley and David Traum
Annie Wang
Fannie and Walter Wang

Visionaries Circle ($5,000-$9,999)

Ashish Bansal
Ann Bosche
Gary and Mary Buntmann
Sean Corcoran
Melody and Charles Gregorio
Martin and Akieva Jacobs
Kyle Koerner

Derek Richardson
Kenneth and Renata Simril
David and Betsy Werner
Julie Zimmerman-Hohl and Kurt Hohl

Sustainers Circle ($2,500-$4,999)

Kaveh Dehghani
Gary and Mary Louise Des Rochers
Hongwen Gao and Bi-Yong Chen
Gary Gitelson
William and Joy Green
Michael and Karen Neuman
Robert Schaaf II
Jackie and Steve Zimmer

Innovators Circle ($1,000-$2,499)

Emil Britt
Noah Comisar
James and Marilyn Cook
Michael Dolan
Ron and Courtney Evans
Bob and Shirley Foster
Thomas and Marjorie Gooley
Mike and Shawn Hagel
Mark and Barbara Hochgesang
Emma Jones
Jeanne and David Jones
John Kelley
Srini Kopparapu
Lawrence and Mimi Loh
Alex Houchang Lu
Gerald and Lisa Luiz
Christopher and Lisa Morgan
David Napolitano and Meenu Kapai
Assad Oberai
Shuhui Peng and Lin Chen
Steven and Mae Quan
Thomas and Doran Richart
Verdi Wahjosoedibjo and Alexandra Baroek
Donald Williams

Partners Circle ($500-$999)

Michael Asfaw
Lauren and Akash Banad
Richard and Jean Bentwood
Ron and Judy Blackwelder
Erin Breslin-Garcia
Darrell and Bertha Carter
Frank and Judy Chee
Richard and Arline D'Agostino
Zubin Deng
Jasjit Dhillon
Robert Divis
Kei and Tomoko Fukuda
Paul and Mayela Garcia
Richard Geiger
Donald Glover
Patti and Michael Goldberger
Pratibha and Pravil Gupta
Dina Heredia
Lynn Jane Ho
Bruce Johnson
Robert Jue
Wang-Chung Ko
Gregory Kulon
Po-Nan Kuo

Anna Liau
Jaiyin Lin
Christopher and Luz Maiuri
Harvey and Esther Olifson
Edward and Stephanie Pacheco
Dean Parker
Janelle Patterson
Jeffrey Petterson
Akanksha Ramesh and Anush Bommanipalli
Frank and Rhonda Rasor
Keilyn Robinson
Dan Rowan
Ashwin Sathe
Steven and Lora Shryock
Mary Siano
Frank Stadler and Marcia Lu
Susana and Richard Swanson
Irwin and Nanette Tamura
Don and Bobbie Vandegriff
Emilio Vazquez
Chu-Yi Wang
Anders Yang
Guolin Yang
Hsun Tiao Yang and Jieh Tze Shen Yang
Dan Yee
JunQing Zhao

Lifetime VIP Dean's Circle ($10,000+)

Our Lifetime VIP Dean’s Circle was previously our Lifetime Viterbi Society Dean's Circle.  This former giving society was offered to donors who made a gift of $25K or more. This is no longer offered since our Viterbi Innovation Partners (VIP) program is now a yearly recognition giving society.

Charles Abronson
Terry Adams
Craig and Rosemary Anderson
Gordon and Elizabeth Anderson
Rudy Andriani
Sonny Astani
Doris Atteberry
Walter and Elizabeth Babchuk
Dwight and Judith Baum
Dale and Carol Beckstead
George and Shirley Bekey
Jo Ann Boss
Gregg and Randy Brandow
Jack Bryant
Glenn Bustrum
Norma Cedarstrom
Kam-Shui Chan
Samson Chan
Kyung Chang
Wally Chen
George and Yelba Chilingar
Yang Cho
David Chonette
Leo Chu
John Crowley
Malcolm Currie
Kenneth and Joy Dahlberg
John and Bettina Deininger
Feng Deng
Albert Dorman
David Dornsife
Maurene and Mortimer Dorris
Elmer Dougherty
John Doyle
Gerald Dunn
Gregory Edelbrock
Roy & Eileen Enos
Daniel Epstein
Helen Eskridge
Charles Evans
James and Patricia Fei
Charles and Rose Flanagan
Robert Fogwell
Alan and Jean Fohrer
Robert Fulton
Patrick and Bonnie Fuscoe
Barbara Gates
Jonathan and Hani Geske
Kevin and Kim Gibbons
Mary and James Gisbrecht
Ahmad and Haleh Gramian
Richard Grey
Rudolf Gunnerman
Vinod Gupta
Arthur Hadley
Julie Hill
Ernest Hix
Robert Hoffman
Ming Hsieh
Alex Hu
Jensen Huang
Richard and Regina Hunsaker
Paul Iacono
Henry Iida
James and Daphne Jameson
Howard Jessen
Max Johnson
Roderick and Cherilyn Jones
Elmer and Gloria Kaprielian
Michael Kassner
Jerome Kay
Marcia Kear
William Keck
James Keenan
Lawrence and Susan Kellner
Ken Klein
C. Richard and Marie Knowles
Gerald and Janet Kohlenberger
Les Kranhold
Dyung Kwak
Walter Lake

David and Grayson Lane
Jun Lee
Robert Lee
Edith and John Leonis
Stephen Lipman
Fang Zhi Liu
Elizabeth Lonnes
Rodney Lundin
Philip and Cayley MacDonald
Lourita MacNeill
Dusanka Maletkovic
Alfred Mann
Florian Mansfeld
Armas Markkula
Gordon Marshall
Fariborz and Azam Maseeh
Merrill Maughan
John McConaghy
Ralph McCormick
Robert Miller
Bryan and Julie Min
Eugene Mleczko
James Moore
John and Julie Mork
Tony Morreale
John and Dorothy Shea
Kenneth Mullen
Jared and Donna Murayama
Jerry Neely
Richard Nelson
Godwin and Angeline Ngan
Preetish Nijhawan
Harlyne Norris
Wallace Olson
Roberto and Colleen Padovani
Donald Paul
Mac Pilon
Hugo Pomrehn
Theodore Posch
Harold Potter
Allen Puckett
Ed and Sybil Ralston Ralston
Simon Ramo
Debra Reed
Thomas Reed
Frank and Karen Reynolds
Robert Richards
Ken and Charlotte Richardson
Thomas Rothwell
Ernest Rudyak
Sunarjo Sampoerna
Jerry Sanders
George Scalise
Ted Scalise
Stephen Schrank
John Shea
Kenneth Sherman
Scott Shoults
Leonard Silverman
Walter and Patricia Singer
Patrick Soon-Shiong and Michele Chan
Mark Stevens
Ronald and Valerie Sugar
Keith and Keith Terasaki
Earl Timpke
Mihailo Trifunac
Ronald Tutor
Graham Tyson
Andrew and Erna Viterbi
John Wakerly
Emrick and Joan Webb
David West
Charles and Judith Wheatley
Peter Willcox
Gloria Wilson
Shiao-Ping Yen
Qiong Zheng and Bin Jin
Fred Zohouri