Graphic Design Resources

Deron Yamada
Specializing in Graphic Design
USC supplier number 30698-0

Talia Spencer
Specializing in Illustration and Cover Art
Password: usc (all lower case)
USC supplier number 117976-0

Ella Maru Studio
Specializing in design of scientific and medical illustrations; cover images for all scientific magazines; scientific animation; design of logos, brochures and banners

May de Castro
Specializing in Graphic Design
Contact: 323.254.0968 or

Flavia Arsenault
Staffing agency for design and illustration hiring
Contact: 310-699-9006 or
USC supplier number 119260-0

Shannon Associates
Specializing in Illustration
Contact: Simon Bollinger

Website Resources

Please see this page on the USC Viterbi IT site for more details on some of the options mentioned below.

Campus Press (CP)
Campus Press is a website publishing platform specifically designed for higher education. It is based on the popular Word Press content management (CMS) platform and allows users without any prior web coding knowledge to create basic informational websites. It is recommended as the primary solution for basic informational websites such as a research lab, group or individual faculty website. The system is provided by USC Central ITS and administered to USC Viterbi faculty and staff through USC Viterbi MarCom and IT. It is FREE of charge and provides 3 basic templates that USC ITS has worked out with the vendor and that are branding compliant.
While this system works very well for basic informational websites, please know that a website owner is limited to the templates and plug-ins provided by the vendor / ITS. No other plug-ins or templates may be installed. For a more detailed look at this system, please review this pdf. If you are interested in setting up a CP site, please email Andreas Tillmann (USC Viterbi Webmaster) with the name of your site and a choice of template. MarCom will request the site for you from ITS and then meet with you for basic training how to create pages / manage content. You are in charge of building out your site with content and maintaining it (keeping the content current) for the life-cycle of your site. When your site is ready to launch / go live, MarCom will assist in this process.
Following are some examples of sites created using CP:

Other free USC ITS tools
USC ITS provides the other following options, but do not offer any support or training:
Google Sites allows USC faculty, staff, and students to create free, custom personal websites using their USC-provided Google accounts. For more information, please see
USC schools and units can use SharePoint to create team websites. These sites can be used as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device. For more information, see

Creating your own site via a 3rd part vendor
If you wish to have more control over the template or plug-ins used, you can go to any 3rd party outside vendor that provides easy to manage / low cost websites such as, or (a google search will reveal many more).
Please know that any site associated with USC must still adhere to the general branding guidelines found here and here and you are responsible for any cost this vendor might charge. Also, no training / guidance for 3rd party vendor systems is provided due to the large choice of vendors.

Hosting your own site on your own server
If you are very web savvy and want to create your own site and host it on your own server, you are allowed to do so, as long as you abide by the general branding guidelines set by USC, and

Hiring a web development company
If your site is complex and involves dynamic functionality needs, you can hire a 3rd party vendor at your own cost. Two vendor examples below:

USC ITS Web Services
The University offers a web services unit that can design, code and launch a site for a fee. This is a full service web services unit that delivers on the Wordpress platform. This option would be appropriate for sites requiring a high degree of customization and special functionalities not available by over-the-counter products. They can be thought of synonymously with outside vendors and they are priced as such as well.

This is a very capable Orange County based web development firm. They have worked on various projects related to the school. Contact Mike Studley to start a conversation.
USC Supplier Number 105083-0

Published on May 14th, 2018

Last updated on May 19th, 2023