Shen and Will Win Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Awards

| March 10, 2003

The team has won international recognition for their years of work in the field.

Robotics experts Wei-Min Shen and Peter Will were among four USC School of Engineering faculty honored at the 2003 USC academic convocation.

Newly bemedaled: Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Recognition Award winners Shen and Will.

Wei-Min Shen, research assistant professor of computer science, director of the Polymorphic Robotics Laboratory, project leader at USC Information Sciences Institute and associate director of the USC Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems, was jointly recognized with his colleague, Peter M. Will, research professor of industrial and systems engineering, and materials sciences fellow, USC Information Sciences Institute, for their published research on “Self-Reconfigurable Robots” at the March 11 convocation.The collaborators received the Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Award for their work on reconfigurable robot technology. Shen created “hormone” software, while Will invented the system and hardware concept for modular Lego-like robotic units, designed to link together into larger robots or come apart into smaller ones to perform search and rescue, reconnaissance or even space station assembly. The team has won international recognition for their years of work in the field.

Two other School of Engineering faculty received awards at the ceremony, held in Town and Gown on the USC University Park campus.

Emeritus Professor Lloyd R. Welch of the department of electrical engineering/systems received a Faculty Lifetime Achievement award for his work on signal processing theory, cryptography and communications.

And Professor Alan Wilner, also from EE/S, won a USC Associates Award for Excellence in Teaching.

ISI faces at convocation dinner


Published on March 10th, 2003

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