Instructor Dr. Dwight Holland Selected as a Fellow to the Royal Aeronautical Society

Daniel Scalese | March 3, 2015

Aviation Safety & Security Program instructor selected as a Fellow to the Royal Aeronautical Society.

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The Aviation Safety & Security Program would like to congratulate Dr. Dwight Holland, MD, PhD., an instructor in Safety Management for Remotely Piloted Vehicles, on his selection as a Fellow to the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Dr. Holland is a principal with Human Factors Associates, a fellow in the Aerospace Medical Association, and an academician in the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine. He has served as the president of the International Association of Military Flight Surgeon Pilots and of the Space Medicine Association. In 2003, he served as the technical co-chair of the largest International Systems Engineering Conference held to date. He has over 100 academic presentations, abstracts, book chapters, journal special editions and papers to his credit. As a U.S. Air Force Reserve officer, he has taught and co-developed the Human Factors in Flight Test courses at the Air Force and Navy test pilot schools. He holds commercial and jet ratings with over 2,000 hours’ flying time in more than 40 civil and military aircraft. He also participated as a geophysicist on a remote field expedition to the Antarctic, later writing a study comparing the human factors issues of polar exploration to those of long-duration space flight operations.

Dr. Holland joins John Cox, an instructor in Aviation Safety Management Systems, as USC instructors who are also Fellows in the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Published on March 3rd, 2015

Last updated on June 22nd, 2017

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