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| August 26, 2016

ISI’s quantum team wins big at inaugural Publications Recognition Awards

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USC ISI’s inaugural Publications Recognition Awards, which honor the achievements of ISI’s most outstanding authors, debuted in late July this year.

The Institute’s quantum computing team ran away with the group honor, significantly outdistancing any other team. With just three people — Tameem Albash, Federico Spedalieri and Itai Hen — the quantum computing team published a total of 11 articles. Individual publishing honors also went to 15 researchers who authored articles in top journals. The awards: lunch at the restaurant of its choice, on ISI’s tab, for the quantum group and bonuses of up to $1000 each for individual winners.

The 2015 winners were announced by ISI Michael Keston Executive Director and Research Professor Prem Natarajan at the “What’s Going On” breakfast seminar featuring Kristina Lerman and attended by roughly 40 ISIers. The annual awards probably will be announced in February in future years.

Submitting groups aren’t predetermined, but can structure themselves in teams ranging from three to 30 people, and are honored based on the number of publications per group. Individual awards are based on their number of publications and the caliber of journals in which articles appear. Yigal Arens headed the team that painstakingly plotted publications-and journals-per-author for each submission.

Publication lists for the 2016 competition will be compiled in conjunction with the annual performance evaluations. Groups and individual authors will be recognized early in 2017.

Published on August 26th, 2016

Last updated on May 16th, 2024

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