ISI Publication Recognition Awards Celebrate Stellar Research

| August 18, 2017

ISI researchers recognized for their important research contributions and results

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ISI’s Publication Recognition Awards celebrate the Institute’s most prolific authors, whose research publications are fueling discovery and innovation in numerous disciplines spanning cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, science automation and advanced electronics.

Bestowed annually, the awards recognize faculty, staff, students and research groups with the highest publication record in high-impact, peer-reviewed research journals.

“ISI values publications as a way to disseminate many of our important research results and to get valuable feedback from the peer-review process,” says Steve Crago, the division director of this year’s winning groups.

“ISI’s Publications Recognition Awards give us the chance to recognize a few of the teams and individuals that put so much effort into publishing examples of ISI’s exciting research in areas such as quantum computing and science automation technologies.”

In 2016, ISI researchers’ publications have appeared in several world-leading journals including Science, Physical Reviews, Optics Letters and IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. During the adjudication process, journals are ranked and weighted according to impact.

Each of the individual winners receives a cash award per publication. The winning groups, determined by the highest publication record per capita, receive a team lunch.

Congratulations to the 2016 Award Winners!


Quantum Computing Team:
Frederico Spedalieri, Tameem Albash, Itay Hen

Science Automations and Technologies Team:
Ewa Deelman, Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Gideon Juve, Rajiv Mayani, Mats Rynge, Karan Vahi, Hassan Nawaz


Zahaib Akhtar
Tameem Albash
Jose Luis Ambite
Terry Benzel
Jim Blythe
Ewa Deelman
Rafael Ferreira da Silva
Yolanda Gil
Tal Hassner
Itay Hen
Alefiya Hussain
Gideon Juve
Mayank Kejriwal
Craig Knoblock
Rajiv Mayani
Jelena Mirkovic
Cliff Neuman
Mike Orosz
Mats Rynge
Stephen Schwab
Federico Spedallieri
Pedro Szekely
Joe Touch
Karan Vahi
John Wroclawski

Published on August 18th, 2017

Last updated on May 16th, 2024

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