ISE Graduate Balances Film Composing with Advocacy for First Generation Students: Q&A

| May 27, 2022

Joel Jimenez (B.S. ISE ’22) was recently awarded the 2022 USC Viterbi Community Impact Award.

Joel Jimenez

Joel Jimenez is a 2022 graduate from the Daniel J. Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Image/Joel Jimenez

Joel Jimenez has recently graduated from USC Viterbi with a B.S. majoring in industrial and systems engineering, with a minor in cinematic arts. On May 2, 2022 he was awarded the USC Viterbi Community Impact Award, which is given to the student who has provided the highest quality service to the Viterbi School outside of their area of responsibility within a student organization.

We spoke to Jimenez, to discover more about his work and experiences during his time at USC Viterbi.

Name: Joel Jimenez
Hometown: Fullerton, California
Degree: B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering

What first inspired you to study engineering?

I wanted to grow my mindset and bolster my analytical capabilities.

What is something you’ve achieved while at USC Viterbi that you’re most passionate about?

I am extremely proud of the mentality I have developed while at USC Viterbi. Given my desire to be both creative and analytically capable, I was able to develop my mindset to be oriented towards solving problems and thinking quickly. I also further developed my ability to learn, and now even more so I believe that I am capable of learning anything if given enough time and effort.

Tell us about a project you took part in during your studies that made an impact on you.

I worked with Gaviña Coffee Solutions for my senior capstone project. I was able to have a first-hand experience as a student consultant. I worked with classmates to improve the company’s processes after creating a customer feedback system to identify where issues existed within the company.

Are there any extracurricular activities or organizations you have been part of during your studies?

While at USC, I worked as a music composer for USC Trojan Vision. I produced various tracks for many of the USC student-run television shows for the USC School of Cinematic Arts. I am also a proud member of the first generation college student community and worked for both the First Generation Plus Success Center and the First Generation Student Leadership Program. Both programs aim to provide resources and community to first-generation college students. During my senior year, I worked as a videographer for the USC Concerts Committee, shooting various artists such as Kenny Beats and Dominic Fike.

What are your plans post-graduation?

After graduation, I hope to work as a consultant with a focus in media and entertainment. I also aim to use to the money I earn from work to fund both creative ventures and possible business ventures too.

Based on what you know now, what is your best piece of advice for other students?

My best piece of advice for other students would simply be: “Try.” I think that something I and a lot of other students have faced in the past is hesitance and anxiousness to take a particular action, be it taking a class you fear you might not do well in, reaching out to a teacher after class for help, or rushing a club you think is too good for you. You will never know what you are capable of if you don’t simply try. By trying, you can avoid the idea of living in regret and the soul-draining idea of “What if?” I think every student should try whatever it is that they want, so they can find out what they do and don’t like.

What’s an area where you feel like you’ve really grown between your first semester of college and today?

I feel that I have developed my perspective. I think I came into college with the idea that I knew a lot about what made sense in the world. The right and wrong. The ideas of success and failure. However, today, I recognize that the world is much more grey. I understand now that there is much more nuance to a variety of issues, both globally and individually. With this more nuanced perspective on life, I believe that I have become a more empathetic, mature individual.


Published on May 27th, 2022

Last updated on May 27th, 2022

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