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Apps created by Embody Digital, Ari Shapiro's startup, allow users to create lifelike avatars that look and speak like them. (Image/Courtesy of Ari Shapiro)

Everywhere at Once

August 22, 2019

Two apps created by USC Viterbi Research Professor Ari Shapiro allow users to create digital avatars of themselves to improve communication.

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Alumnus Wins Prestigious PECASE Award

August 16, 2019

Jonathan Sauder, a NASA JPL engineer, lands “highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on early career scientists and engineers” for his work on RainCube and Venus Rover.

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LA-area youth spend three days gaining hands-on design and construction experience with the USC Viterbi Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering's Instructional Lab.

Up, Up and Away!

August 13, 2019

L.A. Youth Gain Hands-On Engineering Experience at Three-Day Camp Hosted by the USC Viterbi Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

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Swimming like a Shark

July 16, 2019

USC Viterbi Assistant Professor Mitul Luhar Develops an Algorithm to Optimize Surfaces for Fast, Frictionless Motion in Water and Air

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“Yes, And . . .”

July 12, 2019

Engineering students speed dating, telling wild tales and assuming martial arts stances in class!? Just another day in Writing 340, which injects a little bit of improv into the reading and writing.