Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The following Viterbi faculty are currently open to working with undergraduate researchers:

Faculty NameLab Name/WebsiteContact Name/URL
Agus, DavidAgus Lab at Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC Agus, David
Annavaram, MuraliSCIP lab Annavaram, Murali
Barnhart, DavidSpace Engineering Research CenterBarnhart, David
Becerik, BurcinInnovation in Integrated Informatics Lab (iLAB) Becerik-Gerber, Burcin
Bogdan, PaulCyber-Physical Systems groupClick here to apply.
Bouteiller, JeanmarieCenter for Neural Engineering Bouteiller, Jean-Marie
Branicio, PauloBranicio Research Lab Branicio, Paulo
Chen, YongCenter for Advanced ManufacturingClick here to apply.
Chiang, Yao-YiSpatial Computing Chiang, Yao-Yi
Gencturk, EsrefStructures and Materials Research Laboratory Gencturk, Bora
Ghandeharizadeh, ShahramDatabase Laboratory Ghandeharizadeh, Shahram
Gupta, SatyandraCenter for Advanced ManufacturingClick here to apply.
Haldar, JustinBiomedical Imaging Group Haldar, Justin
Hashemi, HosseinHH Lab: Electronic & Photonic Integrated Circuits (EPIC) Hashemi, Hossein
Heidemann, JohnANT (Analysis of Network Traffic) Heidemann, John
Hodge, Andrea Hodge, Andrea
Hsu, ChiaPhotonics in Complex Systems Hsu, Wade
Huang, QiangAIM-AI for Manufacturing Huang, Qiang
Ioannou, PetrosCenter for Advanced Transportation Technologies Ioannou, Petros
Itti, LaurentiLab Itti, Laurent
Jain, RahulStochastic Systems and Learning Lab Jain, Rahul
Jha, BirendraGeosystems Engineering and Multiphysics Lab Jha, Birendra
Kapadia, RehanKapadia Lab Kapadia, Rehan
Koenig, SvenIntelligent Decision Making Lab (Artificial Intelligence) Koenig, Sven
Korolova, AleksandraPrivacy and Fairness Research Lab Korolova, Aleksandra
Lazzi, GianlucaInstitute for Technology and Medical Systems (ITEMS) Lazzi, Gianluca
Lee, JerryLee Lab at Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC Lee, Jerry
Lepore, NatashaCIBORG Lepore, Natasha
Lim, JosephCognitive Learning for Vision and Robotics Lab Lim, Joseph
Liu, BrentImage Processing and Informatics Laboratory (IPILab) Liu, Brent
Luhar, MitulFluid-Structure Interactions Lab Luhar, Mitul
Madhukar, AnupamNanostructure Materials & Devices Lab Madhukar, Anupam
Malmstadt, NoahMalmstadt Lab Malmstadt, Noah
Mataric, MajaInteraction LabClick here to apply.
Medvidovic, NenadSoftArch Medvidovic, Nenad
Meng, EllisBiomedical Microsystems LaboratoryClick here to apply.
Mirkovic, JelenaSTEEL Mirkovic, Jelena
Moghaddam, MahtaMicrowave Systems, Sensors, and Imaging Lab (MiXIL) Moghaddam, Mahta
Molisch, AndreasWireless Devices and SystemsClick here to apply.
Monge, ManuelIntegrated Medical Electronics Laboratory Monge, Manuel
Moore, JamesThere is no physical lab. We meet. We talk. We read. We write. We publish. Repeat Moore, Jim
Mumenthaler, ShannonMumenthaler Lab Mumenthaler, Shannon
Narayanan, ShrikanthSignal Analysis and Interpretation LaboratoryClick here to apply.
Nazarian, ShahinShahin Nazarian Nazarian, Shahin
Nguyen, QuanDynamic Robotics and Control Laboratory Nguyen, Quan
Nuzzo, PierluigiDesCyPhy - Cyber-Physical System Design Lab Nuzzo, Pierluigi
Oberai, AssadComputation and Data-Enabled Discovery Oberai, Assad
Oghalai, JohnTranslational research to cure hearing loss Oghalai, John
Ortega, AntonioSignal Transformation, Analysis and Compression Group Ortega, Antonio
Pirbazari, Massoudwater quality engineering Pirbazari, Massoud "Mike"
Povinelli, MichelleNanophotonics Laboratory Povinelli, Michelle
Pujara, JayCenter on Knowledge GraphsClick here to apply.
Raghavan, BarathNetworked Systems Lab Raghavan, Barath
Raghavendra, CauligiResearch in Networks; Machine Learning Applications Raghavendra, Cauligi
Raghothaman, MukundComputer Aided Programming Raghothaman, Mukund
Ravichandran, JayakanthLaboratory for Complex Materials and Devices Ravichandran, Jayakanth
Ren, XiangINK Lab on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Ren, Xiang
Roberts, RichardRoberts Lab Roberts, Richard
Ronney, PaulCombustion Physics LabRonney, Paul
Sanders, KellySanders Sustainable Systems Group Sanders, Kelly
Savla, KetanDr. Savla's Research Group Savla, Ketan
Shahabi, CyrusIMSC Shahabi, Cyrus
Sharada, ShaamaSharada Lab Mallikarjun Sharada, Shaama
Shen, KeyueShen lab Shen, Keyue
Shi, YonggangNeuro Image Computing Research Group Shi, Yonggang
Sideris, ConstantineAnalog/RF Integrated Circuits, Microsystems, and Electromagnetics (ACME) Lab Sideris, Constantine
Soibelman, LucioILab Soibelman, Lucio
Soltanolkotabi, MahdiMathematical Foundations of Learning from Signals and Data Research Group Soltanolkotabi, Mahdi
Suen, Sze-ChuanHealthcare Applications Research Group Suen, Sze-chuan
Sukhatme, GauravRobotic Embedded Systems Lab Molchanov, Artem
Thittamaranahalli Ka, SatishCollaboratory for Algorithmic Techniques and Artificial Intelligence Thittamaranahalli, Satish
Toutios, AsteriosSpeech Production and Articulation kNowledge (SPAN) group Toutios, Asterios
Traum, DavidICT Natural Language Dialogue Group Traum, David
Valero-Cuevas, FranciscoValeroLabClick here to apply.
Vashishta, PriyaCollaboratory for Advanced Computing and SimulationsClick here to apply.
Vayanos, PhebeData-Driven Decision-Making Research Group Vayanos, Phebe
Wang, PinCenter for ImmunoEngineering Wang, Pin
Wang, QimingLab of Bioinspired Manufacturing and Mechanics Wang, Qiming
Wang, DannyLaboratory of Functional MRI Technology (LOFT) Wang, Danny
Note: Viterbi faculty can update their status on this list via MyViterbi at any time.