USC-THU 2008 Research Symposium

Agenda of 2nd THU-USC Faculty Research Symposium on

Emerging Information Technologies

Keynote Speakers Bo Zhang, THU - Multi-Granular Computing and its Application Leonard Aldeman, USC - The Tiniest Treasure Chest
Dates: 30 April -1 May, 2008 Venue: Los Angeles
Day 1: Wednesday, 30 April, 2008

Track I: Biomimetics, Bioinformatics & Biometrics

Xueong Zhang, THU - Some New Challenges for Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics Xianghong Jasmin Zhou, USC - Mining High-Throughput Data in Functional Genomics Ted Berger, USC - Brain Computer Interfaces - Implantable Biomimetic Microelectronics as Neural Prostheses for Los Cognitive Function Tao Jiang, THU/UCR - Finding Regulatory Motifs from both DNA Sequences and Gene Expression Data Kirk Shung, USC - Development of High Frequency Ultrasonic Imaging Systems Lizhu Zhou, THU - Out-of-Core Coherent Closed Quasi-Clique Mining from Large Dense Graph Databases Ellis Meng, USC: Polymer-based MEMS for Biomedical Applications

Track II: Microelectronics & Nanotechnology

Yi Luo, THU - Research Activities of State Key Lab on Integrated Optoelectronics Chong-Wu Zhou, USC - Recent Advances in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Jun Xu, THU - Study of Biaxual Strained Silicon CMOS Device and its Characterization Jia Grace Lu, USC - Electrical and Mangetic Properties of Nanowires Zhiping Yu, THU - From Full Chip to Atomistic Simulation: Challenges for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) in CMOS-Plus Era Dan Dapkus, USC - Optoelectronics at USC Wei Chei, THU - Measurement of Substrate and Process Dependance of Losses in Superconducting Thin Film Resonators

Track III: Wireless Communications

Wang Jiang, THU - Overviews of FuTURE Project & Trial Systems Solomon Golomb, USC - On the History of Wireless Telephony Jianhua Lu, THU - Fundamental Research on Multi-Domain Collaboration for Broadband Wireless Communications Urbashi Mitra, USC - Advanced Wireless Communications for Uncertain Channels Jian Song, THU - Time-Domain Synchronus OFDM Technology and its Applications Michael Neely, USC - Network Scheduling with the Wireless Broadcast Advantage
Day 2: Thursday, 1 May, 2008

Track I: Communication and Optical Networks

Jun Li, THU - From Packet to Flow: Network Security Algorithm Viktor Prasanna, USC - Optimizing Application Performance on Multi-Core Processors Xiahong Guan, THU - Optimization-Based Routing and Walvelenght Assignment in Optical Networks Bhaskar Krishnamachari, USC - Next Generation Wireless Networks Zhisheng Niu, THU - Collaborative Radio Resource Management in Multiple Radio Environments Alan Willner, USC - Physical-layer Challenges in Stable, High-Capacity Optical Communication Networks

Track II: Computations and System Control

Priya Vashishta, USC - High Performance Computing for Billion Atom Simulations of Nanosystems Mingsheng Ying, THU - Predicate Transformer Semantics of Quantum Programs Jim Moore, USC - Quantifying Economic Loses from Travel Following a Metropolitan Earthquake Donghua Zhou, THU - Network-based Fault Detection for Discrete Time Joe Qin, USC - Systems and Control in Micro- and Nano-Scale Manufacturing Zuo Zhang, THU - Data-driven Modeling and Analysis for Urban Transportation Systems with Mixed Traffic Flows

Track III: Signal Processing, Vision and Databases

Krishna Nayak, USC - Non-invasive Imaging: Advances in MRI Shri Narayanan, USC - Speech Processing Advances: Focus on Language Learning and Assessment Maosong Sun, THU - The Progress of NLP-related Research at Tsinghua University Gerard Medioni, USC - Object Detection and Tracking in Video Wang Jianmin, THU - A Trustworthy JAVA Runtime Environment Based on Software Watermark Jay Kuo, USC - Techniques for Duplicate Video Copy Detection

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