USC-THU 2010 Research Symposium

Agenda of 4th THU-USC Faculty Research Symposium on

Green and Smart for a Sustainable Future

Dates: 1-3 April, 2010 Venue: Los Angeles, USA

Day 1: Thursday, 1 April, 2010

8:30am - Arrival and Refreshments (RTH 526)
9:00am - 9:45am - Introductions and Welcoming Remarks (RTH 526) Introductions by Yannis Yortsos, Dean of Viterbi School of Engineering Welcoming Remarks by Elizabeth Garrett, USC, Vice President for Academic Planning and Budget Welcoming Remarks by Adam Powell, Vice Provost for Globalization Welcoming Remarks by Xu Chen, VP, THU Welcoming Remarks by Jun Li, Executive Vice Dean of School of Information Science and Technology (SIST)
9:45am-12:00pm- Plenary Session Talks (RTH 526) Chair: Prof. Zhisheng Niu (Vice dean of SIST, THU) "Energy Efficient Enterprise Computing and Green Datacenters" by Massoud Pedram , USC "Brief Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research of Low Carbon Energy at Tsinghua" by Zanji Wang , Executive Director of Low Carbon Energy (LCE) and Director, China Automotive Energy Research Center (CAERC), THU "Emerging Materials for Solar Energy Conversion and Solid State Lighting" by Dan Dapkus , Professor of Electrical Engineering, USC "Challenges and Opportunities in Efficient Energy Production, Consumption and Transmission for Information Science and Technology" by Xiaohong Guan , Director of the Center for Intelligent and Networked Systems, THU
12-2pm - Lunch (University Club)

Parallel Sessions

Track I: Building Efficiency and Smart IT (RTH 526)
2-5pm - Chair: Prof. Timothy Pinkston(VSoE, USC)
"Mobile Geo-social Networking System - Communication with Anyone Anytime Anywhere" by Xibin Zhao, THU "Sustainable Development of the Built Environment" by Burcin Becerik, USC "Smart Cyberinfrastructure for Scientific Data Analysis" by Junwei Cao, THU "Efficient Building Energy Optimization and Control for Demand Response" by Si-Zhao Qin, USC "Control and Scheduling of Power Aware Networked Systems" by Qianchuan Zhao, THU
Track II: Alternative Energy-Informatics (RTH 306)
2-5pm - Chair: Prof. Cauligi Raghavendra (VSoE, USC)
"Use of the Oil Patch Technologies in Geothermal Fields" by Fred Aminzadeh, USC "Combustion Kinetics Research" by Hai Wang, USC "Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide in Geologic Formations" by Don Zhang, USC "Context Aware Computing and Applications - A Data Management Perspective" by Ling Feng, THU "Local Clustering and Nearly Linear-Time Algorithm for Massive Graph Analysis" by Shanghua Teng, USC "epiMPI, epiCUDA, epiForest, and epiMODE: Detection of Epistatic Interactions in Genome-wide Association Studies" by Rui Jiang, THU

Day 2: Friday, 2 April, 2010

Parallel Sessions

Track I: Smart Grid and Urban Infrastructure (RTH 526)
9am-12pm - Chair: Prof. Jun Li (Executive Vice Dean, SIST, THU)
"Energy Informatics for Smart Oil Field and Smart Grid" by Viktor Prasanna, USC "Evaluation for Traffic Situation and the Emergent Traffic Pathway Organization In Responsive to Urbane Severe Emergencies" by Zuo Zhang, THU "Power Quality Monitoring in Smart Grids via Change-Point Detection" by Jay Kuo, USC "Green Wireless Networks" by Bhaskar Krishnamachari, USC "Energy Efficiency: The Critical Ingredient to Untethering Wireless Body Area Networks" by Murali Annavaram, USC "“Sensing China” with the Development of Internal of Things (IoT)" by Lin Zhang, THU
Track II: Materials and Processes (RTH 306)
9am-12pm - Chair: Prof. Hui Wang, (Vice Dean, SIST, THU)
"Nanomaterials for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Supercapacitors" by Chong-Wu Zhou, USC "Graphene Based High Frequency FET and Novel Non-Volatile Memory Device" by Huaqiang Wu, THU "Industry Status and Technology Trends of Integrated Circuit design in China" by Zhihua Wang, THU "Information-Driven Predictions for Urban Sustainability" by Roger Ghanem, USC "User Authentication in Telephone Banking based on Speaker Verification" by Thomas Fang Zheng, THU "Solid Reconstruction from Engineering Drawings" by Hui Zhang, THU
12-1:30pm - Lunch(University Club)
1:30-4:30pm - USC Lab Tours
5:30-5pm - Faculty Group Discussion

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