Catching Up
Fouad Sebaa (1977)

Before COVID, Fouad Sebaa's MS '77 (CEMS) main focus was two journeys to Japan. His travels took him to Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Nagoya, Okayama, and Himeji. During the second visit, the primary objective for Fouad was to visit Hiroshima, paying homage to the Japanese people, and exploring Miyajima island with its submerged temple. While visiting the Peace Museum, he encountered testimonies about the atomic bomb, and what struck him most was the absence of expressions of hatred. The museum presented the information in a dignified manner, leaving a profound impact on Fouad.
Submitted: 2024-02-29
Richard Larsen (1959)

Richard Larsen BS '59 (ME), MS '61 (ME), has retired after over 50 years in aerospace engineering, where he designed and developed EM actuation for cruise missiles and the space shuttle. Now, at 92, he serves as the director of Advocacy for the North Orange County League of Women Voters.
Submitted: 2024-02-28
Timothy Callahan (2007)

Timothy Callahan
Tim Callahan, BS ‘07 (ENG), MS ’11 (ENG), a Senior Civil Engineer with the City of Irvine, recently released his first children’s book, "Grover the Clover," an illustrated story about a frustrated four-leaf clover who desperately wants to fit in with his three-leaved classmates and friends. Tim draws inspiration from a childhood of collecting four-leaf clovers and doodling in the margins of notebooks, a lifelong love of reading, and from his wonderful wife Bonnie, BA ‘06 (BIO), PharmD ‘10 (PHRM), and four fantastic kids.
Submitted: 2024-01-25
Patricia Garcia (2022)

Patricia Garcia
Patricia Garcia MS '22 (ISE) won the Fulbright Entrepreneurship Award for her award-winning company, Unithrifts. She has also recently moved to London.
Submitted: 2023-10-10
John Edwards (1976)

John Edwards
John Edwards '76 (CEE) began his career with a satirical piece in the October 1975 USC Engineer, leading to a role in the Space Shuttle program. Transitioning to the USAF Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC) in 1979, he spent three decades there. Edwards made significant contributions, including cleaner rocket technology development, earning him prestigious awards. He also excelled in dance, winning competitions and appearing in music videos and TV shows. Now, after a successful engineering career with his wife and two children, he embraces world travel and writing, sharing his unique life experiences.
Submitted: 2023-08-23
Gary Landis (1980)

Gary Landis MS '80 (EE) received his BS in Chemistry at UC Irvine in 1976 before coming to USC. Landis worked in the motion picture industry in special effect on the movie "Startrek" where he helped build the Enterprise Set. Later, he worked at Information International Inc. on Computer Movies and Electronic Publishing. After getting his MS in Electrical Engineering from USC in 1980, Landis went to work for Hughes Aircraft Co. at LAX working on the F18 twin dome flight simulator. He also became VP Engineering of Megagraphics Northridge CA. Landis helped develop the first large screen for the Macintosh Computer, The Megascreen. He went back to Hughes again until 1991. Then, he entered USC again for the PhD program in Molecular Biology. Landis finally received his PhD in 1998 and has continued working in the John Tower Lab at USC on research into the mechanisms of aging.
Submitted: 2023-08-22
Kuen Lee (1973)

Dr. Kuen Hung Lee. MS '73 (EE) served as a math professor at various colleges and universities for more than 30 years before retiring in 2011. During his tenure as a math professor, Lee won the Distinguished Math Professor award in 1995 by the Math American Association of America. Lee received commendation letters from multiple countries, former President Bill Clinton, California Governor Pete Wilson, along with many more Assemblymen. Lee published nine mathematics textbooks for college students ranging from beginning algebra to calculus and differential equation. Before Lee retired, he was a member of the Textbooks Selection committee in Sacramento and a member of the Outstanding Math Professor Selection of MAA. After Lee retired, he opened a private math tutoring center in Alhambra, teaching students from high school to college.
Submitted: 2023-08-22
David Barrett (2022)

David Barrett
David Barrett '22 (CS) was hired as a Software Engineer at Electronic Arts working with their Maxis Studio on the critically acclaimed game The Sims 4 and the yet to be released next game in the series, Project Rene. Barrett has been primarily working remotely from a new apartment he moved into in Marina Del Rey. Barrett has also been learning to surf at Venice Beach in his free time.
Submitted: 2023-08-18
Al Morelli (1981)

Al  Morelli
Mr. Morelli MS '81 (ISE) has led numerous advisory engagements in a variety of industries with more than 40 years of corporate industry experience. He is an industry expert in performance improvements and cost reductions. He was also a former Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Southern California.
Submitted: 2023-08-18
Eduardo Samaniego (1972)

Eduardo Samaniego '72 (EE) entered the Jesuit Order (Catholic) in 1980 and was ordained a priest June 1, 1990. Samaniego worked in parishes most of his years since and began working with deacons and future deacons in 2015. He is presently the Director of the Permanent Diaconate in San Diego, training the future deacons and supporting the growth of the already ordained deacons and their wives. He is also a published author. Samaniego is a proud Trojan backer and a Dodger superfan. Samiego plays golf and enjoys walking the courses he plays.
Submitted: 2023-08-18
Abigail Maul (2008)

For Abigail Maul MS '08 (ISE), obtaining her MS was the best thing ever. After graduation, Abigail Maul was promoted to lead technical programs, which eventually led to continuous career growth from an Engineer to a Program Manager responsible for multi-million-dollar programs in the areas of Technology Research, Development, Production, and Sustainment for the Department of Defense. Abigail spearheaded major technology advancements that have, today, proven to be immensely beneficial to their country and its military personnel. Subsequently, Abigail transitioned into roles involving Business Development and corporate strategies, where Abigail continues to excel. Throughout Abigail's professional journey, she found time to marry her wonderful husband and become a mother to two incredible children, now aged 12 and 7. Abigail also achieved the milestone of homeownership, dedicated her time to school activities, supported her son in his film-making ventures, and nurtured her daughter's curious nature, helping her design doll clothes and create new cooking recipes. Two beloved bichons, one of whom is now with the angels, became her cherished fur babies. Abigail also explored her creative side by delving into paper craft materials. As a USC Trojan alumni and a cherished member of the USC Family, Abigail Maul remains actively engaged and excited about nurturing the next generation of engineers and professionals.
Submitted: 2023-08-18
Richard Larsen (1959)

Richard Larsen '59 (AME) is now retired, having enjoyed a fulfilling career in Aerospace Engineering that lasted until the age of 76, spanning over 50 years of enjoyment. He specialized in EM actuators for radar systems, Space Shuttle, and cruise missiles, along with tackling various other mechanical challenges. Throughout his journey, he was married and blessed with three children, and he had the opportunity to visit France more than 20 times. Life, for him, has been quite rewarding, and he expresses his gratitude to USC.
Submitted: 2023-08-18
David Herriott (1989)

David Herriott '89 (AME) and his wife recently moved to Greenville, TX as David started a new job with L3Harris Technologies.
Submitted: 2023-02-23
Linda Ryles (1985)

Linda Ryles
Linda Ryles MS '85 (ISE) was named California's 24th Congressional Woman of the Year - 2022. The Honorable Salud Carbajal recognized Linda Tyler Ryles for her commitment to service and volunteerism in the Santa Barbara County Community - providing educational support and scholarship assistance to students, participating in an elementary student reading program, supporting the Adult Literacy Program by assisting adult English language learners, as well as being an advocate and member of many local social justice organizations.
Submitted: 2023-02-23
Cenk Temizel (2005)

Cenk  Temizel
Cenk Temizel MS '05 (CHEM), and his wife Saule moved from Southern California to Saudi Arabia to work for Saudi Aramco in Dhahran. They are joined by their daughters, Ada and Ela.
Submitted: 2023-02-23
Juan Rodriguez (1969)

Juan Rodriguez '69 (AME) continued his education at CSULB, receiving a MS in Engineering in 1998. He Retired in 2008 after a 39 year career at Rockwell/Boeing. Juan has been married for 30 years with three daughters, 6 grand-daughters and 1 grandson. He is an active supporter of Christian Church planting.
Submitted: 2023-02-23
Nydia Rentschler (2011)

Nydia Rentschler '11 (ISE), since graduating in 2011, met the love of her life in 2014 and is expecting a baby girl next May! We are beyond excited! After working in Process Improvement at a hospital, Nydia fell in love with nursing and is now in school completing a nursing degree. Nydia hopes to combine her clinical experience with her IE background.
Submitted: 2023-02-23
Jared Smith (2007)

Jared Smith MS '07 (ENG) was promoted to principal at the law firm Fish & Richardson. Jared has extensive experience in intellectual property litigation with an emphasis on patent litigation in the consumer electronics sector. Jared was recognized for his pro bono service by the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program in 2018 with its Pro Bono Publico Award (i.e., lawyer of the year). Before joining Fish, Jared was a senior systems engineer at Raytheon and then Northrop Grumman for a total of eight years. He helped develop the Ship Self Defense System for U.S. aircraft carriers and the IP-based communications system for the U.S. Navy’s Triton unmanned aerial vehicle.
Submitted: 2023-01-09
Werner P Koch (1962)

Dr. Werner P. Koch received his BEng (1956), MEng (1962) and DEng (1968) from the School of Engineering (now the Viterbi School of Engineering). At 93 years of age, Dr. Koch continues his passion for engineering and mathematics by recently researching and writing a study in Heat Transfer from a Circular Fin and Cooling of Electrical Devices. He plans to submit the body of work for publication. Dr. Koch attributes his love of learning and research from the exceptional education and instruction he received at USC.
Submitted: 2022-12-15
Dan Chapel (1962)

Dan Chapel
Dan Galliver Chapel graduated from Howell High school, Howell, Michigan in 1954. He entered the University of Michigan Engineering School the following Fall. Dan went on to graduate in 1960 from a dual degree program with a Bachelor of Science Chemistry and Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering). He immediately chose to work for the Bechtel Corporation in San Francisco. In 1961, Dan married Nancy Elizabeth Hays and enrolled at the University of Southern California Engineering Department before graduating with a Master of Science Chemical Engineering in 1962 and joining the Fluor Corporation as an associate Process Engineer. Dan spent 42 years at Fluor, rising to the first Senior Vice President (Process) in the company’s history, leading process departments in California and Texas, and involvement in overseas offices. During this time, he was in Dusseldorf, Germany, as head of the Process/Instrument design and Engineering Departments in 1974/1975. He was elected a Fellow in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Dan retired from Fluor Corporation in 2004, following a very active career working with dozens of companies in the fuels and petrochemical sectors on six continents. In early 2000, Dan and Nancy purchased an abandoned vineyard near Corvallis, Oregon. They built a winery, tasting room, warehouse, and management center. With an excellent staff of 10 employees, they have developed a vertical business model of farming, harvesting, winemaking, bottling, and marketing. Dan and Nancy have grown and produced over 500 award-winning wines, including a Wine Spectator Magazine Top 100 Pinot Noir, and Cardwell Hill Cellars wines are sold in 30 states. Internationally they have produced wines sold in six countries, two cruise lines, and one airline business class. Education, dedicated work, and leadership have been instrumental throughout these many years.
Submitted: 2022-12-06
Xiaoxi (Xixi) Hu (2010)

Xiaoxi (Xixi) Hu
Xiaoxi (Xixi) Hu, '10 (Chem. Mat. Sci) has been nominated as a candidate for Woman of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is working hard to prepare for the competition period of March - June 2022. All funds raised will go to supporting cancer patients and their families.
Submitted: 2021-10-14
Signo Jesse Uddenberg (2008)

A restaurant owned by Signo Uddenberg, '08 (CEE) and his wife, SOMOS, was recently featured in a National Geographic article titled A Culinary Guide to Quito, Ecuador. National Geographic UK described how the couple had to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic to stay in business. You can read more about it here:
Submitted: 2021-05-03
Edwin Siswanto (1996)

Edwin Siswanto, MS '96 (ISE) and his wife Anne, congratulate their daughter Arlene graduation Master of Engineering (in Computer Science) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. Arlene will relocate and work for Google Corporation in New York City.
Submitted: 2021-05-03
Jonathan Messer (2018)

Jonathan Messer ‘18 M.S. (AME) put his systems engineering degree to use during a global pandemic and a humanitarian mission in Central America. He’s now taking it to outer space.
Submitted: 2020-12-11
Eugene Scott (1949)

Eugene L. Scott MS '49 (EE) served in the U.S. Navy between 1943-1946 and returned to earn a master's degree from USC. He held engineering and management positions at various companies including Gilfillan Bros, Lear, North American/Rockwell and Southern California Edison. Scott is 95 and currently retired in Prescott, Arizona.
Submitted: 2020-11-30
Travis Mendoza (2016)

Travis Mendoza
Travis Reed Mendoza, '16 (AME), is spearheading a fundraising campaign targeted to English speakers to help economically support his community in a quaint Mexico town called La Peñita de Jaltemba that abuts the ocean in the state of Nayarit. Simply referred to as La Peñita, it serves as a nexus for the cluster of pueblos that surround it. He was working for a development project in Monteón, one of the peripheral pueblos to La Peñita, until a few months ago when budgets and estimates fell too far out of alignment to reach a salvageable proposal. Then COVID-19 hit the First World and tourism came to a dead stop. This area, which relies primarily on tourism for income, was economically devastated. Hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches - nearly half the sources of employment for this population shut its doors overnight and left these people in a terrifying position. Few of them were never educated about saving money or paid enough to make any savings in the first place, and now they are without an income. As quarantine measures started bearing down on us, Travis took some time to reflect. He asked himself how he hoped to approach this new situation life had thrown at him and everyone else. He decided the only thing to do was to try to help those in need as much as possible, and decided to join the humanitarian effort headquartered in La Peñita. His cause is led by his friend, Cesar Perez Novoa, a local businessman turned philanthropist. His role is to include English speakers in what they do, primarily through operating our English language fundraising campaign and Facebook pages. They began by sending “despensas” – bags of food and hygiene products – to low-income families in the community to keep them afloat. Then on April 9th, they opened two soup kitchens with the intention of gifting 1,000 meals a day to those in need. In just 26 days, their effort grew to encompass 11 soup kitchens dispersed throughout La Peñita and its surrounding pueblos, which together serve over 10,000 meals a day and have served more than 100,000 meals total. Additionally, they offer free baby formula and diapers to families with children, medicine to people with diabetes and high blood pressure, and gas to homes that cannot afford it. Together, this team of volunteers is doing phenomenal work. But they need financial help to keep going. Please consider supporting them by liking, following, and sharing the Facebook page they manage. The social media features daily updates of their work: And if you are one of the lucky people who are able to spare some money in these difficult times, please consider making a donation to FundRaz: Your donation will go to the PayPal account of Quinta Velas Suites,, which is Cesar’s company account that he is using to fund this effort. Each plate distributed from the soup kitchens costs about 20 pesos. That means a single US dollar feeds a person for a day, and therefore no donation is too small to make a difference. Thank you!
Submitted: 2020-05-05
Edwin Siswanto (1996)

Edwin Siswanto, ’96 MBAMS (ISE) and his wife Anne, celebrated their daughter Kathleen’s acceptance into the University of Chicago MBA Booth Business School. Kathleen is a USC alum, and has been part of the Advisory Board at the University of South Florida Financial Technologies (USF FinTech) Program and Citigroup Investment Banking in San Francisco.
Submitted: 2020-02-02
Abdulhafie (Ed) Elhaderi (1982)

Abdulhafie (Ed) Elhaderi
Abdulhafie (Ed) Elhaderi, Ph.D. '82 (ENG), is the author of "Nomadic Soul", a memoir in which he recalls his journey from his tiny and isolated village in the Libyan Sahara to America. Elhaderi credits his education and the constitutional guarantees of citizens in the United States as the genesis to his inner transformation, his embracement of Judaism, meditation & mindfulness, and for becoming a teacher for NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) family-to-family educational classes where he educates and advocates on behalf of individuals afflicted with mental illnesses and the stigma associated with these diseases.
Submitted: 2019-05-15
Suresh Ramaswamy (1989)

Suresh Ramaswamy
Suresh Ramaswamy, MS '89 (ENG), is the author of "Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity", a bestseller about personal transformation, that has been honored with the prestigious Nautilus Book Award and the International Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Book Award.
Submitted: 2019-05-15
Lester (Les) Fettig (1969)

Lester (Les) Fettig
The Honorable Les Fettig, MS '69 (ENG), currently leads the Mandate Democracy Foundation for the 2020 i-Voting Referenda, to surmount dysfunctional political mechanics. For those who are interested in internship, part/full time work and academic research opportunities, please contact or send your résumés online at
Submitted: 2019-05-15
Rosa M. Bravo (1987)

Rosa M. Bravo
Rosa M. Bravo, '87 (ENG), '92 MS (ENG), recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Great Minds in STEM (GMiS) at their annual HENAAC (Hispanic Engineers National Achievement Awards) conference. Other award recipients included the President of MIT and many others.
Submitted: 2019-02-22
Byron Veasey (1979)

Byron Veasey
On September 12, 2018, Marquis Who’s Who, the world’s premier publisher of biographical profiles, presented Byron Veasey, '79 (ISE), with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. An accomplished listee, Veasey celebrates many years’ experience in his professional network, and has been noted for achievements, leadership qualities, and the credentials and successes he has accrued in his field. As in all Marquis Who’s Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process. Supported by 35 years’ professional excellence, Veasey works as a quality assurance manager for data warehousing for E*Trade Financial Corp. Earlier in his career, he gained expertise in engineering and business analysis as a civil engineering officer in the Air Force, through Mason & Hanger at the Pantex Plant, and E-Systems. Over the years, he has lent his extensive knowledge to Deloitte, CSC Consulting, AT&T, DMR Consulting Group, KPMG, Arthur Andersen, Advance PCS, Ameriquest Mortgage Co, and Georgia Department of Human Services. He has excelled in a multitude of fields, while honing his skills in computer-integrated manufacturing, information technology, software development, software quality assurance, database administration, data modeling, and data architecture. A certified scrum master and agile certified professional, Veasey holds not only a Bachelors of Science in industrial and systems engineering from the University of Southern California, but also an MBA from Ball State University and a master’s degree in management in information systems from the University of Dallas. In order to remain abreast of changes in the field, he affiliates himself with the Project Management Institute. While he was in the Air Force, Veasey was honored with an Air Force Commendation Medal. Additionally, he was named to the 40 Under 40 by the Dallas Business Journal in 1993. In the future, Veasey intends to experience the continued growth and success of his career. He is the son of Dr. Columbus Veasey, Jr and Joan Veasey and brother of Janet Fleurant in San Antonio. He is married to Karen Veasey. In recognition of outstanding contributions to his profession and the Marquis Who’s Who community, Veasey has been featured on the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement website. Please visit for more information about this honor.
Submitted: 2018-11-08
James (Jim) C. Murphy (1976)

Captain Jim Murphy, USN-Ret, '76 (MSSM), has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), the nation¹s fourth largest veterans organization.
Submitted: 2018-11-08
Jasmine Naseri (2016)

Jasmine Naseri
Jasmine Naseri, '16 BSEE, recently celebrated her two-year anniversary at Northrop Grumman as a communications systems engineer working on a satellite program. Her work involves interfacing with different disciplines such as integration and test engineers, design engineers among others, which has been a rewarding learning experience. In August, she visited Cape Canaveral to prepare for an upcoming launch, which has been the highlight of her career so far. In March 2018, Naseri completed her masters in electrical engineering, specializing in signal processing and communications in from UCLA. She currently serves as the president of the Los Angeles professional section of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), leading the organization in their professional development events, collegiate scholarship program, and K-12 outreach to promote STEM and inspire the next generation of engineers. In her free time, Naseri loves to travel and go on new adventures. By the end of 2018, she will have visited six continents and eleven countries in a single year. The highlights of her travels this year have been reaching Machu Picchu after a four-day hike along the Inca trail and running into fellow Trojans around the world, who can always identify her by her Viterbi backpack.
Submitted: 2018-09-05
Stephen Jurovics (1969)

Stephen Jurovics, '69 Ph.D. (ENG), published a book entitled "Hospitable Planet: Faith, Action, and Climate Change". It became a Church Publishing best seller in 2018.
Submitted: 2018-08-16
Russell M. Cummings (1988)

Russell M. Cummings, '88 Ph.D. (ENG), has been named the Director of the Hypersonic Vehicle Simulation Institute at the U.S. Air Force Academy. The institute will improve the simulation of hypersonic vehicles using high-fidelity and low-fidelity approaches by funding applied research for aerothermodynamics and other vehicle-related science and technology. Dr. Cummings will continue his position as Professor of Aeronautics at the Academy while serving as the institute director.
Submitted: 2018-08-16
William Ketchum (1975)

William Ketchum
After retiring from a career in the space program at General Dynamics, William (Bill) Ketchum, '75 MSSM, decided to build his own personal spaceplane intending to compete for the X-Prize (the first private non-government space flight to 100 kilometers altitude and return). However, Paul Allen and Burt Rutan won that honor and Ketchum's spaceplane never got beyond the prototype stage. Ketchum recently donated his full scale functional mock-up of his spaceplane to the March Field Air Museum near Riverside, California, where it is now on display along with the SR-71 "Blackbird" and many other historic aircrafts.
Submitted: 2018-05-18
Marty Bradley (1984)

Marty Bradley
Dr. Marty Bradley, 84 BSAME, '88 MSAME, '94 Ph.D. AME, has been selected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) (A formal announcement of his selection into the AIAA can be found at: Additionally, in January 2018 he joined the faculty here at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering as a Lecturer.
Submitted: 2018-02-15
Vijay Fafat (1993)

Vijay Fafat
Vijay Fafat, '93 MSEE, published two debut books in November of 2017 entitled - "The Ninth Pawn of White - A Book of Unwritten Verses" and "Quiescence - Musings Against a Setting Sun". These books are comprised of approximately 400 short English verses of 1-4 lines (known as "grooks"). They can be found on Amazon at:
Submitted: 2018-02-15
Jay Preston (1974)

Jay Preston
Jay Preston, '74 MS ISSM, '75 MS, and his wife Victoria joined a bunch of fellow Trojans in May 2017 for a European river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Preston crossed off a 50-year-old bucket list item when he sang Schiller's "Die Lorelei" in German while cruising by the infamous rock on the Rhein. During the cruise they also dropped by the Oberburgermeister of Bamberg, Germany where his uncle, Nathan R. Preston, was U.S. Resident Officer during the Occupation after WWII.
Submitted: 2018-01-24
Austin Nutt (2015)

Austin Nutt
Austin Nutt, '15 MSEE, has been working at the NASA Langley Research Center since June 2016 as a contractor for the National Institute of Aerospace. He is currently a project engineer for an urban UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) test range which is meant to provide a space for the maturation of UAVs technologies for the commercial industry.
Submitted: 2018-01-24
Henry Minami (1963)

Henry Minami, '63 BSAME and '67 MSAME, retired in 2001 from the Rocketdyne Division of Boeing after a 38-year career. Minami spent the 1960's to the mid-1970's on rocket propulsion programs for the Apollo, Space Shuttle, and military space programs. From the mid-1970's to the mid-1980's he worked on advanced civil energy systems (nuclear Breeder reactors, wind, clean coal, and geothermal systems). In 1985 Minami received an MBA degree from Pepperdine University. He spent the remainder of his career (until his retirement in 2001) in marketing and new business development for commercial space and missile defense propulsion programs. Currently Minami is busy with traveling, playing golf, and enjoying an idle life - life-long learning in the PLATO Society of Los Angeles.
Submitted: 2017-08-18
Bradley Wootten (1980)

Bradley Wootten, '80 MS ISSM, retired as President/CEO of Q Systems Dynamics. He is currently an Adjunct Full Professor at Webster University's Walker Graduate School of Business and Technology. Whooten splits his time between Manassas, VA and Topsail Island, NC.
Submitted: 2017-08-10
Tommy J. Wong (1977)

Since graduating from USC, Tommy J. Wong, '77 BSEE, has worked for several aerospace companies including Logicon, where he started his career, Rockwell International, McDonnell Douglas, and Lockheed Martin. Wong is currently retired and keeps busy traveling and mentoring young students about college (e.g. advising young kids which school is best for them to attend, what major they should pursue, etc.). His entire family went to USC (his wife and 3 children) and they attend USC football games from time to time. The last game they attended was the 2017 Rose Bowl game where the Trojans came out victorious!
Submitted: 2017-08-09
George J. Chambers (1986)

George J. Chambers, '86 MS ISSM, received his masters degree in Systems Management (MSSM) while working at Hughes Aircraft Company (later GM and then Raytheon) as a Systems Engineer in the Ground Systems Group in Fullerton, CA. After retirement, he taught systems engineering at several local schools. Later, Chambers wrote four naval history books (two published). He and his wife now enjoy spending their time traveling.
Submitted: 2017-08-09
Edwin Siswanto (1995)

Edwin Siswanto MS '95, MBA '96, and his wife Anne celebrated their daughter’s Arlene acceptance into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. Arlene will be majoring in Computer Science.
Submitted: 2017-07-11
Wesley Brown (1955)

Wesley Brown
After graduating from the USC, Wesley A. Brown, '55 MSEE, went to work for the Hughes Aircraft Company as an engineer and manager on missiles, airborne systems and satellite programs. His career offered him the opportunity to travel abroad - he even went to China with President Richard Nixon to provide satellite communications for the President's visit. After retiring from Hughes, Brown went to work with Citicorp where he became a principal systems engineer working on banking technology. Currently retired from both Hughes and Citicorp, Brown is active as a freelance woodwind musician in Los Angeles and is the assistant concertmaster of the Los Angeles Police Concert Band. He joined the band in 1993.
Submitted: 2017-03-15
Lee-Volker Cox (1987)

Lee-Volker Cox
Dr. Lee-Volker Cox, Col (USAF, Ret), MS '87 (ENG), retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2011. Since then, Dr. Cox completed his doctorate degree (an Ed.D. from Brandman University) in Organizational Leadership by successfully defending a dissertation focusing on generational differences. He was selected for several boards including the Allan Hancock College Foundation; Leadership Santa Maria Valley; CoastHills Credit Union; and the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District. His photography was selected for exhibitions at the Grossman Gallery (A Pop of Color) in Lompoc, CA and the Valley Art Gallery (Central Coast Celebration), Santa Maria, CA. At the end of last year, the Santa Maria Sun awarded one of his pieces (“Berries, Blooms, Broccoli, and Bulls”) as one of the 2015 Arts Events of the Year for the California Central Coast region.
Submitted: 2016-11-22
Albert Pergande (1982)

Albert Pergande, '82 MSEE, just published a new book "The Playwrighting Talks". This primer for playwrights summarizes several years' worth of notes from his work with the Playwrights' Round Table reading workshops. Written from a clever perspective, this book approaches playwrighting in a new and innovative way. Essential protagonist and antagonist tension begins the journey which then winds through fundamental story models, character arcs, and the always tricky business of cleanly ending the story. Later chapters emphasize how to heighten theatricality, ways to make a script more production friendly, and finally explores self-production. The book helps both new writers create successful stories and academics convey the essential skills succinctly. The book is currently available on Amazon.
Submitted: 2016-08-08
Tim Koprowski (1981)

Tim Koprowski '81 M.S. Systems Management, retired and is now a writer. He recently published "Managing Through the Entrepreneurial Fog" which introduces his management philosophy entitled "Play by the Rules". This philosophy was first introduced to his organizational behavior class at USC. The philosophy is validated by the sharing of Koprowski’s experiences as a hospital administrator in the U.S. Air Force and later as the CEO of Health-Ware Management Company, a software company that serviced the healthcare industry.
Submitted: 2016-08-08
Conner Wagenseller (2015)

Conner Wagenseller, '15 BSEE, recently finished his first year working for Northrop Grumman Aerospace. Wagenseller also bought a house and is looking forward to the years ahead.
Submitted: 2016-08-03
Vasu Jain (2013)

Vasu Jain
Vasu Jain '13 MSCS has been working in the non-profit field for more than two years. Jain was nominated by one of his non-profit organizations to be a recipient of a "President's volunteer services award" for his efforts working for non-profit organizations (NPOs) and was awarded a Silver Award as well a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States.
Submitted: 2016-08-03
Robert Taylor (1995)

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor, '95 MS Systems Management, served for the United States Air Force at Edwards AFB as the lead on many aircraft acquisition programs until the end of 1999. In his role he worked on electronic warfare ground and flight testing. In 1996, also worked for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems on various capture teams for several winning proposals. In 2000, Taylor went on to work for Nokia Inc. in San Diego were he worked on FCC Type Approvals for CDMA cellular phones. In 2010, Taylor was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Association of Old Crows for “unique and important technical contributions to the field of electronic warfare.” He and his wife Charlene, '93 MSCEE, recently and joyfully celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary
Submitted: 2016-08-03
Kevin Wolley (1981)

Kevin Wolley '81 BSEE, passed through the hallowed halls of USC due to the good graces of Navy ROTC, and as a result, had a job offer he could not refuse upon graduating in January 1981. Wolley stated that his eyes were not good enough for military flying so he went into nuclear power and served as Reactor Electrical Division Officer on the USS Enterprise, making two cruises to the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean from 1982-1984. After discharging from the military, Wolley served as Headquarters Operations Officer for the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the national capital area, receiving operating event notifications from commercial nuclear facilities around the U.S. Wolley's first love was always flying,and at age 32 and with a one year old at home, he and his wife sold their home and spent the money on flying lessons. Wolley stated that many women would have rebelled at this, but not his dear wife of 30 years, Jane. After two years giving flight instruction full time, and nearly three years as a commuter airline pilot, he achieved his career goal when he was hired to fly for FedEx, where he has now been with for more than 21 years. Wolley recently completed three and a half years of being based in Cologne, Germany. While in Germany, he and his family made many friends from all over the world, and enjoyed seeing the beauty of Europe on his days off. Wolley stated that all of this was made possible because of the excellent educational basis provided by his time at USC.
Submitted: 2016-08-02
Edwin Siswanto (1996)

Edwin Siswanto, '96 M.S. ISE and MBA, and his wife Anne celebrated their daughter Kathleen’s graduation from USC in 2015. Kathleen received a B.S. in Finance and Biology. Kathleen joins Citicorp Investment Banking Division in San Francisco Office.
Submitted: 2016-07-13
Edmund Blash (1984)

Edmund Blash
Edmund C. Blash '84 MSSM, retired from the U.S. military after 34 years of service. Currently he resides in Tampa, Florida. Blash has written three novels novels - Satan's Pitchfork, Two-faced and Agent Provocateur and can be found at
Submitted: 2016-04-29
Harold Faber (1966)

Harold Faber '66 (ENG) worked at the City of Fullerton (14.5 yrs) and the Irvine Ranch Water District (21 yrs.) before retiring in 2001. He remains "an active engineer" with a Fellow status in the American Society of Civil Engineers. His 3 children (Mary, Lori, and Jeffrey (dec'd)fostered 5 grandchildren (Ryan, Megan, Sean, Brandon and Tyler). He is a 52 year resident of Fullerton, CA
Submitted: 2016-04-21
George J. Chambers, SCPO, USN (Retired) (1986)

George J. Chambers, SCPO, USN (Retired)
George J. Chambers '86 ISSM recently published his latest history book (the 4th) titled: World War II as Seen Through the Eyes of United States Navy Cruisers: An Integrated, Chronological History of Cruiser Operations during the War Against the Axis Powers 1939-1945. This 2-volume, 900-page history of the 1939-45 war is available at
Submitted: 2016-02-12
Todd Ogar (1985)

Todd Ogar '85 BSEE just accepted a position as a Principal Systems Engineer working on military systems. During his personal time Ogar is very active with the Boy Scouts as Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout Troop.
Submitted: 2016-02-04
Walter Singer (1982)

Walter H. Singer ’82 (BSCEE) is happy to report that the company he founded, ACT Environmental Services, continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In fact, ACT was just recognized by the Environmental Business Journal with a Business Achievement Award for its 2015 performance. This on top of making the Inc. 5000 for the 6th straight year, ACT landed at #19 on FORTUNE’s inaugural “100 Best Workplaces For Women” list. Closer to home for the Trojan family, the company was also named a Best Place to Work by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

While 2016 is shaping up to be just as high-growth and busy a year at ACT, Singer continues to make time for family and fitness activities (including a half-Ironman in Lake Tahoe last summer), promoting the virtues of work-life balance and wellness he affords all his employees in turn.
Submitted: 2016-01-26
Christopher Jacobs (1995)

Christopher Jacobs ’71 (Ph.D. Eng) graduated from the USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering with a degree in biomedical engineering. After 30 years in the auto aftermarket industry, Jacobs sold his business, and instead of retiring, was encouraged by a friend, suffering from diabetes, to develop, and eventually patent, a lancing device that draws blood for glucose testing, easily and without pain, whether from fingers or alternate body sites. Called Genteel, Jacobs now sells his “painless poker” domestically and worldwide. For more information, visit
Submitted: 2016-01-26
Suzanne Barnes (1980)

Suzanne Barnes '80 (MSSM) worked for the Department of Army (in various location) for 17 years and for 6 years she worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) at the Pentagon as a computer systems analyst, computer specialist, and program manager. Upon completion of the JCS tour, she was presented with the Secretary of Defense Medal for Meritorious Civilian Service (it is the second highest award for civilians).

Currently, Barnes lives in downtown San Jose with her cat where she stays busy volunteering, walking, and trying to keep up with her 11 and 13 year old grandchildren who reside in Morgan Hill, CA.
Submitted: 2016-01-26
Thomas Rounsavell (1975)

Thomas Rounsavell ’75 (Ph.D. ENG), graduated from USC and had a successful career in management of technology development (software and manufacturing methods) and consulted to several large corporations. Rounsavell is now currently retired and resides in Poway, CA with his wife. He is currently involved with several local community projects.
Submitted: 2016-01-26
Harry Hirschensohn (1964)

Harry Hirschensohn
Harry Hirschensohn '64 (BS ENG), retired from South Coast Air Quality Management District after 31 years. He retired in 1998. Since then, he has been an income tax preparer. Besides enjoying semi-retirement with his wife of 51 years, and his 2 sons, and 5 grandchildren, Hirschensohn owns three classic Ford Model A cars (two 1929s and one 1931).

(*Interesting fact: The USC Placement Office sent Hirschensohn for an interview at South Coast Air Quality Managermen in 1967 and he worked there up until retirement!)
Submitted: 2016-01-24
Joseph Rumolo (1981)

Joseph Rumolo '81 (BSCS) is currently a Transition Manager at Atos.
Submitted: 2016-01-23
Cenk Temizel (2005)

Cenk Temizel
Cenk Temizel ’05 (MS ENG) and his team won 2nd place at a recent Global R&D Competition of Society of Petroleum Engineers with their proposal “Stimuli-Responsive Supramolecular Assemblies as Displacement Fluids in EOR". Currently Temizel works as a Reservoir Engineer at Shell-ExxonMobil JV (Aera) in Bakersfield, CA. Temizel would like to thank his advisor at USC, Dr. Iraj Ershaghi, and his professors Dr. Yannis Yortsos and Dr. George Chilingar, for teaching him the technical skills he has utilized, but for also for providing the environment that led him to investigate further and research the fundamentals of the petroleum recovery processes.
Submitted: 2016-01-22
Jay Porterfield (2013)

Jay Porterfield
Jay Porterfield '13 (BSBME), recently graduated from USC Viterbi with an MS in Biomedical Engineering in Medical Device & Diagnostic Engineering, Product Development. He is currently working as a Project Coordinator for the USC Center for Body Computing (CBC), a digital health innovation center founded by Dr. Leslie Saxon located at the USC Keck School of Medicine. In his role at the CBC Porterfield combines his background in athletics (he competed on the USC Track & Field team under Coach Ron Allice from 2009-2012) and engineering to conceptualize, design and execute creative studies that integrate non-invasive, biomedical sensors into athletic training to improve performance and resiliency.
Submitted: 2016-01-22
Maurice Caskey (1973)

Maurice Caskey '73 (MSISSM) was installed as the Moderator of the Synod of Southern California and Hawaii of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Submitted: 2016-01-21
Mark Carbonella (2007)

Mark Carbonella '07 (BSAME) has been active among the USC community this past year. Carbonella was able to attend two USC Viterbi careers fairs; hire one USC graduate; participate in a V.I.P. event program with USC Viterbi, and be an active mentor through the Viterbi Student Alumni Mentoring Program (VSAMP). It has been great for him to give back to the university that has supported him in the past. Recruiting and mentoring is a big part of what he does for a living, and he is glad he is able to share a bit of that with USC and their students.
Submitted: 2016-01-21
Allen Ramirez (2012)

Allen Ramirez
Allen Ramirez '12 (MSCEE) recently got in engaged to his best friend since high school on New Years Day of 2016. He and his fiance are expecting a baby boy on March 18th.

Also, after 3 years of being an Associate Engineer at a small firm in San Diego, Ramirez was offered the position of Structural Project Engineer at a larger firm in Downtown San Diego.
Submitted: 2016-01-21
Benjamin Zatlin (2009)

Benjamin Zatlin '09 (BSBME) will be graduating with an MBA from Harvard Business School in May 2016. Zatlin will be moving from Boston to San Francisco in June and get married a month later. In August he will be starting work for Deloitte Consulting's Strategy & Operations practice, working out of their SF office.
Submitted: 2016-01-21
Russell Cummings (1988)

Russell Cummings '88 (Ph.D. Aerospace) was elected as a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), the world’s largest aerospace professional society.
Submitted: 2016-01-21
Aaron Hsieh (2014)

Aaron Hsieh BSCEE '14 is currently working as a Graduate Structural Engineer for URS (which currently known as AECOM) in Hong Kong. He is also working on a Part-time Master degree in Structural Engineering at The University of Hong Kong.
Submitted: 2015-09-29
Jacob Dekema (1937)

Jacob  Dekema
Jacob Dekema '37 (BSCEE) celebrated his 100th birthday in July with family & friends. CalTrans (formerly California Dept. of Highways) also celebrated his milestone birthday with a gathering at which he was recognized as a true transportation pioneer. They particularly cited the contributions he made to Southern California, where Interstate 805 in San Diego was named in honor of "Mr. Freeway". Jake received many honors & awards throughout his career, including the Distinguished Civil Engineering Alumni Award from USC in 1973.
Submitted: 2015-09-15
Henry Woo (1971)

Henry Woo ’71 (BSAME), ’72 (MSAME) is currently retired from Boeing. He once worked on the Delta launcher, Space Shuttle Program and several other advanced programs after graduating from USC Viterbi. Today, Woo enjoys spending his time at the Boeing Fitness Center, doing activities with his family and spending time with his four grandkids.
Submitted: 2015-07-10
Arthur (Larry) Andrews (1974)

Arthur (Larry) Andrews
Larry Andrews, '74 MS Systems Management, is a former rocket scientist and aerospace program manager. He was also an adjunct professor at USC. Recently, Andrews published a book entitled “A Space Oddity,” a compelling story and a must read for those following the current news concerning extended Space Station stays and volunteers for a Mars Mission. The book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or
Submitted: 2015-07-06
Jerald Gartman (1970)

Jerald Gartman
Jerald B. Gartman, '70 MS Systems Management, of Morehead City, NC has been named President of the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) Hall of Fame at the University of Missouri. The IMSE Hall of Fame was established to honor distinguished industrial engineering graduates from the University of Missouri whose careers have made a significant impact within their field; and to recognize those persons who have made outstanding contributions to the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Col. Gartman was one of the first 16 members when named to the IMSE Hall of Fame in 2010. Gartman is a retired Marine Colonel who held numerous positions of leadership, including Commanding Officer of the Naval Aviation Depot, Cherry Point, NC (1986-1991), before starting Gartman and Associates, a consulting firm that has worked with organizations around the globe in quality management, measurement, statistical quality control, six sigma and strategic planning. While in the Marine Corps, Gartman was awarded numerous military awards including the Legion of Merit, the Silver Star, 21 Air medals, two Meritorious Service medals, the Purple Heart, the Navy Commendation Medal, and two Navy Achievement Medals.
Submitted: 2015-07-06
Daniel Maneval (1988)

Daniel Maneval
Daniel C. Maneval '88 Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, and Edna Chow Maneval, '87 Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, are proud to have attended the graduation ceremony for their son Matthew who graduated with a bachelor's degree from the USC School of Architecture this past Spring (2015).
Submitted: 2015-07-04
Vinod (Vinnie) Puvvada (2004)

Vinod (Vinnie) Puvvada
Vinnie Puvvada '04 (BSCS), recently made the leap from the public to private sector after years of dreaming about it. While his time at Intel, Micron, and Yahoo! were great in many ways and helped him grow his skills in engineering and product management, his brief time at ADARA, Inc., a private company with about a 150 employees worldwide, has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience thus far. His career has brought a great degree of responsibility/ownership, ability to truly make an impact, and the ability to motivate coworkers. While everyone's career path and goals are different, and there is no absolute right or wrong, he highly encourages those that are interested in entrepreneurship and the private sector to not let the fear of the unknown deter them. "It's a calculated risk but the reward can certainly be worth it!" Puvvada will also be a proud parent soon. He and his wife are expecting their first child this September and couldn't be more excited!
Submitted: 2015-07-02
Eduardo Samaniego (1972)

Since graduating in from USC Viterbi, Eduardo Samaniego '72 (BSEE), has worked for Sigma Nu Fraternity, his my dad's architectural firm, received a secondary teaching credential, and taught 2 years of junior high school and 3 years of high school classes. He then entered the Jesuit Order (Roman Catholic) to become a priest in 1980. In September he will be celebrating 35 years as a Jesuit. Recently, Samaniego celebrated 25 years since being Ordained. Samaniego has been focused on doing parish work since his Ordination at the Dolores Mission in East Los Angeles, the Christ the King in San Diego, Most Holy Trinity in San Jose, and Blessed Sacrament in Hollywood. In August he begin a new assignment with the Loyola Institute for Spirituality in Orange. Samaniego is also a published author in both English and Spanish: "If you preach it, they will come" and "Bien Predicada, La Gente Vendra".
Submitted: 2015-07-02
Kenell Touryan (1958)

Kenell Touryan '58 (BSAME) was born in 1936. As of 06.03.15, he has lived 28,700 days and has been married for 52 years to the same person. During his life he worked on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and was a visiting professor at the American University of Armenia (Affiliate of UC Berkeley). He has three adult children and seven grandchildren.
Submitted: 2015-07-02
Youngjae Kim (2012)

Youngjae Kim
Youngjae Kim’12 (BSISE) and ’13 (MSHSME) currently works at MemorialCare Health System in Fountain Valley, CA as an organizational lean and data consultant. He and his team work to improve business segments of the company’s operations and develops and trains leaders within the MemorialCare.Youngjae has decided to continue his education at Biola University towards a degree in Pastoral and General Ministries. He currently resides in Buena Park, CA.
Submitted: 2015-06-11
Gabrielle Hayes (2010)

Gabrielle Hayes
Over the past 5 years Gabrielle Hayes ’10, (BSCEE) has worked at J.L. Patterson & Associates designing railroads for freight railroads and local passenger rail lines. She began working this year as a Project Engineer for the CA High Speed Rail. She married fellow USC alum Garrett Hayes in August of 2014. They met at a USC vs Arizona football game when they sat down next to each other. He was a kinesiology major and played water polo for USC. They currently live in Orange County with their two golden retrievers.
Submitted: 2015-05-22
Sayem Uzair (2001)

Sayem  Uzair
For Sayem Uzair '01 (MSAME), USC turned out to be the home away from home for him. Things like numerous presentations, exhibits and symposiums, exciting ethnic and sporting events, immensely diverse and embracing culture and truly world class academics left him sort of wonderstruck! He is married now with 2 kids. Uzair wants to thank USC, OIS, the Dept. of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, the Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the staff at the DEN and Olin Hall. He also wants to thank those at Leavey, Seaver Science and Doheny libraries.
Submitted: 2015-03-12
Roy Surjono (1985)

Roy Surjono (BSEE '85) is married and the CEO of his own company "Eagle Vision Enterprise".
Submitted: 2015-01-28
Shireesh Asthana (2012)

Shireesh Asthana (MSCS '12) currently lives in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Francisco and is working for Facebook Inc. as an engineer.
Submitted: 2015-01-23
Shivani Joshi (2011)

Soon after graduating from USC Viterbi, Shivani Joshi (MSEE '11) got a full-time job as a Systems Engineer at Siemens Rail Automation. Recently he decided to also pursue his lifelong ambition of leaning film-making and was accepted into the USC Cinematic Arts School's coveted summer program.
Submitted: 2015-01-23
Amy Wang (2003)

Since graduating from USC Viterbi, Amy Wang (BSBME '03) received her M.D. from the USC Keck School of Medicine. She married a fellow Trojan who also graduated with a USC Viterbi and USC Keck degree. She and her husband then moved to Minnesota for 7 years where she went to train at the Mayo Clinic. She did her residency at Mayo in Internal medicine and joined the staff for a few years while her husband completed his Urology training. While in Minnesota they welcomed twins to their family (a boy and a girl) who are now 2.5 years old. They moved back this summer to the South Bay and had another baby boy who is 6 months old.
Submitted: 2015-01-23
Robert Binder (1990)

After graduting from USC Viterbi, Robert Binder (BSAME '90) joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Rising through the ranks with assignments in Patrol, Detectives and Traffic, he was promoted to Lieutenant and served as the Commanding Officer of the Hollywood Detective Division. He is currently assigned to the Air Support Division as a Watch Commander and helicopter pilot. He flies over 300 hours per year over the City making sure to check on the campus and surrounding neighborhoods each flight and provide support to USC's DPS office and the LAPD Southwest Division in their efforts to keep the campus safe. Bob has received two post-graduate Certificates from the Viterbi Aviation Safety and Security Department. Bob and his wife Crista (BA '89) have a son Matthew (BS '15) who will be graduating from USC this May (in Environmental Science) on a Navy ROTC scholarship. He will be heading to Naval flight school in the fall.
Submitted: 2015-01-23
Bel Lazar (1986)

Bel Lazar
Bel Lazar '86 ENG, was featured in the August 2014 issue of Wi Magazine ( He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of API Technologies Corporation.
Submitted: 2014-09-25
Scott Hardiman (1984)

Scott Hardiman
Scott Hardiman '84 (ENG) was honored at an Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association (AFCEA) international conference held in Baltimore, MD, this past June (2014). AFCEA is a non-profit association serving the military, government, industry and academia as an ethical forum for advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the fields of communications, information technology, intelligence and global security. Hardiman is presently Deputy Chief of the Space, Aerial and Nuclear Networks Division (AFLCMC/HNA) at Hanscom Air Force Base's Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. He received the prestigious "AFCEA Leadership Award" in recognition of his significant contribution to Lexington-Concord Chapter's ability to sustain a positive business image, advance a strong partnership between industry and government, and support the AFCEA mission.
Submitted: 2014-07-29
Don Aoki (1978)

Don Aoki
Don Aoki, '78 (ENG), is a Silicon Valley technology executive and investor who is passionate about community service. He Serves on the boards of the Foothill De Anza Foundation, the Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) and the Poston Community Alliance. In April of 2014, he and his daughter Caroline, recently traveled to Bisidimo, Ethiopia to participate in a Habitat for Humanity Global Village Build to help eliminate poverty housing worldwide. Working alongside Ethiopian skilled workers, as well as the future homeowners of Bididimo Village, they help to construct homes in an effort to provide improved housing whose family members suffer from severe disabilities.
Submitted: 2014-05-06
Raymond Lowe (1984)

Raymond Lowe
Ray Lowe (BSEE '84, MSISE '93) is a member of the 30-Year Homecoming Reunion committee (Fall 2014). He would like to invite all of you to attend this celebration. As an alum and an SC Dad (his daughter Jacquie is a current ISE student at Viterbi, class of 2016) Ray feels that attending the reunion is a great way to stay in touch with the Trojan Family.
Submitted: 2014-03-28
Bob Lewis (1968)

Bob Lewis
Bob Lewis (MSAME '68) has been the President of the Rotary Club, Exchange Club and Gideons over the last 2 years. He is very active in Texas real estate and is looking for Texas Corporations who are wanting to do "Sale/Lease-Backs" of their buildings (which must be $5M or larger and have $50M in assets). For more information, please contact Bob at: / 713-817-2965.
Submitted: 2014-03-26
Stephen Fryer (1960)

Stephen Fryer (BSAME '60) is the CEO of SC Capital Partners, Inc., an Irvine, CA based investment banking firm. Capital Partners works with both U.S. and International companies.
Submitted: 2014-03-26
Alan Reynolds (2006)

Alan  Reynolds
Alan Reynolds, BSAME '06, has qualified for the ballot to run for California Lt. Governor - Independent. Primary election is on June 3, 2014. Please visit / for more information.
Submitted: 2014-03-26
Adnan Mahmud (2003)

In recognition of his dedicated service to philanthropy, Adnan been nominated for the Microsoft Alumni Foundation's prestigious Integral Fellows Award. Adnan started Jolkona, a microfinance organization that has donated more than $700,000 for over 140 causes.
Submitted: 2014-01-24