Dean's Report

Cover of the 2023 Dean’s Report titled 'Frontiers of Computing', featuring a large photo of a new building at USC Viterbi School of Engineering.
Cover of the 2022 Dean’s Report titled 'Golden Visionaries', showcasing a collage of technological images including satellites and computer chips.
Cover of the 2021 Dean’s Report titled 'Five Mindsets of Change to Thrive in Today’s World', displaying a graph with a rising line indicating technological advancement over time.
Cover of the 2020 Dean’s Report titled 'Rising to the COVID-19 Challenge', illustrated with a scene of people interacting with advanced robotics and technology in a park setting.
Cover of the 2019 Dean’s Report titled 'Impact', featuring a mosaic of diverse people forming an upward arrow, symbolizing growth and initiative at USC Viterbi.
Cover of the 2018 Dean’s Report titled 'Heroic Engineering', depicting a silhouette of a person standing on a peak, overlooking a sunset, embodying the theme of aspiration and achievement.
Cover of the 2017 Dean’s Report showcasing vibrant, colorful illustrations of engineering tools and symbols, representing the innovative and creative spirit of USC Viterbi.
Cover of the 2016 Dean’s Report titled 'Convergence', illustrated with diverse students and faculty walking together on a campus pathway, highlighting collaboration and community at USC Viterbi.
Cover of the 2015 Dean’s Report titled 'The Next MacGyver', depicting an illustration of a young woman inside a large paperclip symbolizing innovation, with cityscape and sunlight in the background.
Cover of the 2014 Dean’s Report titled 'Building an Ecosystem of Innovation in Southern California', featuring a map of California with a location pin and a circuit design, highlighting innovation.
Cover of the 2013 Dean’s Report titled 'The Evolution of Technology', showing Earth from space with a background of stars, emphasizing the global impact of technology.
Cover of the 2012-2013 Dean’s Report titled 'iPodia - The Global Classroom', illustrated with a world map and connecting lines, symbolizing global connectivity and education.
Cover of the 2011 Dean’s Report showcasing a scene in a computing lab with a diverse group of students and a teacher interacting around a robot, representing the focus on K-12 engineering education.
Cover of the 2010 Dean’s Report titled 'Engineering Empowering Society', featuring an abstract painting of a person seated and reading, symbolizing contemplation and the impact of engineering on society.
Cover of the 2009 Dean’s Report titled 'Engineering Education at Viterbi', displaying an abstract art piece of a man seated by a computer, highlighting the blend of technology and creativity.
Cover of the 2008 Dean’s Report titled 'Destination: The Future', illustrated with geometric lines and circles over a bright gradient, evoking a sense of forward movement and innovation.
Cover of the 2007 Dean’s Report from USC Viterbi School of Engineering, featuring an abstract painting with interlocking and overlapping lines in red, blue, and yellow, suggesting dynamic movement and connectivity.

Published on December 7th, 2016

Last updated on June 24th, 2024