Division of Engineering Education

Established in 2007, USC Viterbi School’s Division of Engineering Education addresses various issues surrounding engineering education that impact all departments and programs in the USC Viterbi School.

The organization is comprised of jointly-appointed faculty from across the School and elsewhere in the University who focus a significant portion of their academic activities on engineering education at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. This vibrant and passionate body of faculty members serve as liaisons between the school’s academic departments, helping them implement innovative, school-wide initiatives to transform and enhance engineering education at USC.

Retreat Presentations:  Teaching and Learning with and without Technology/Lessons in Engaged Learning – May 3rd, 2016

Main Goals
  • Constantly improve the USC Viterbi School’s curricula at levels.
  • Incorporate and refine the continuous improvement techniques promoted by ABET to ensure that the school’s undergraduate curricula support the program educational objectives and students outcomes identified by the academic departments with the aim to better educate and prepare students for their futures;
  • Address the needs of a large body of Master of Science students for whom this credential will serve as as a terminal professional degree, by guiding and assisting them in taking advantage of the opportunities provided by industry;
  • Strengthen doctoral education to prepare doctoral graduates for faculty positions;
  • Assist faculty members pursuing research funding for the implementation for school-wide and community programs in engineering education.

For more information

Please contact Division Co-Chairs, Prof. Michael Crowley and Prof. Geoffrey Shiflett or Vice Dean for Academic Programs, Prof. James Moore.

Inter-School Programs

Latest News

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National Institutes of Health’s Design by Biomedical Undergraduate Teams (DEBUT) Challenge
2016 Winners Announced: August 22, 2016
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First Look West (FLoW) 2.0 Clean Energy Business Plan Competition, 2015-2016Statement of Intent Due: February 15, 2016
Apply Now
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Hult Prize Challenge
2015 Global Finals: September 26, 2016
2016 Applications Open: October 7, 2016
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Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition
Viterbi Awards: April 20, 2016
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Funding Opportunities

National Science Foundation – Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR)

The mission of EHR is to achieve excellence in U.S. science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education at all levels and in all settings (both formal and informal) in order to support the development of a diverse and well-prepared workforce of scientists, technicians, engineers, mathematicians and educators and a well-informed citizenry that have access to the ideas and tools of science and engineering. The purpose of these activities is to enhance the quality of life of all citizens and the health, prosperity, welfare and security of the nation. Funding Opportunities

U.S. Department of Education

ED’s mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. Funding Opportunities


The mission of grants.gov is to provide a common website for federal agencies to post discretionary funding opportunities and for grantees to find and apply to them. Funding Opportunities

USC Viterbi School Division of Engineering Education Small Grant Request Form

In partnership with the Division of Engineering Education and the Dean’s Office, the Viterbi School has allocated a small pool of professional development funds in fiscal year 2014-2015 for full-time instructional faculty members. Faculty are invited to apply for a small grant in support of the following activities:

1. Teaching-oriented conference or workshop travel

2. Course development/equipment in support of engaged learning initiatives

The maximum amount allowable per individual in FY 2014-15 are $1,500. This fund is not available to support research and additional operational expenses. Download request form and instructions.


Division of Engineering Education Co-Chairs
  • dee_crowleyMichael Crowley, Ph.D.
    Director, Information Technology Program
    Computer Science Department
    Associate Professor of the Practice

    Email: crowley@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 821-5653

  • dee_shiflettGeoff Shiflett, Ph.D.
    Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
    Associate Professor

    Email: shiflett@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-0479

Academic Staff
  • dee_belzAndrea Belz, Ph.D., M.B.A.
    Vice Dean for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    Director, Innovation Node-Los Angeles
    Entrepreneur-in-Residence (Technology)

    Email: abelz@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-0644

  • dee_delgadoJairo Delgado
    Distance Education Network
    Computer Consultant Specialist

    Email: jairodel@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-9255

  • dee_yatesLouise Yates, M.S.
    Senior Associate Dean Admissions and Student Affairs

    Email: yates@usc.edu
    Phone: (213)740-4530

  • dee_bucherSteve Bucher, M.P.W.
    Director of the Engineering Writing Program at USC
    Associate Professor of Technical Communication Practice
    Faculty Advisor / Illumin Coordinator

    Email: sbucher@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-3094

  • dee_chuggKeith Chugg, Ph.D.
    Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering

    Email: chugg@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-7294

  • dee_dentPatrick Dent
    Associate Director of Technology, Information Technology Program
    Senior Lecturer

    Email: dent@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 821-1400

  • dee_erwinDaniel Erwin, Ph.D.
    Department of Astronautical Science
    Professor and Chair

    Email: erwin@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-5358

  • dee_gregoryTrina Gregory, M.S. 
    Information Technology Program
    Senior Lecturer

    Email: trinagre@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-4542

  • dee_leeTed Lee, Jr., Ph.D.
    Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science
    Associate Professor

    Email: tedlee@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-206

  • dee_luStephen C. Lu, Ph.D.
    Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Epstein Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Professor

    Email: sclu@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-9616

  • dee_maddoxAnthony B. Maddox, Ph.D.
    Professor of Clinical Education USC Rossier School of Education Professor of Engineering

    Email: amaddox@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-2864

  • dee_millerJeffrey Miller
    Associate Professor of Engineering Practice Department Computer Science

    Email: jeffrey.miller@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-7129

  • dee_mooreJames Moore, Ph.D.
    Vice Dean for Academic Programs
    Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and of Public Policy and Management.

    Email: jmoore@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-0595

  • dee_obrienJohn O’Brien, Ph.D.
    Executive Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Professor of Electrical Engineering-Electrophysics

    Email: jdobrien@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740- 0145

  • dee_parkerAlice Parker, Ph.D.
    Department of Electrical Engineering-Systems Professor

    Email: parker@eve.usc.edu

  • dee_ragusaGisele Ragusa, Ph.D.
    Director, Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation Professor of Engineering Education Practice USC Rossier School of Education USC Viterbi School of Engineering

    Email: ragusa@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 821-3147

  • dee_raghuRaghu S. Raghavendra, Ph.D.
    Vice Dean for Global Academic Initiatives Professor of Electrical Engineering

    Email: raghu@usc.edu
    Phone: (213)740-9133

  • dee_redekoppMark Redekopp, M.S.
    Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering Associate Professor of Engineering Practice

    Email: redekopp@usc.edu
    Phone:(213) 740-6006

  • dee_shindlerMichael Shindler
    Department of Computer Science Lecturer

    Email: shindler@usc.edu

  • John Slaughter, Ph.D.
    Rossier School of Education and Viterbi School of Engineering Professor of Education and Engineering

    Email: jslaught@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-0195

  • dee_weberAllan G. Weber
    Signal and Image Processing Institute Department of Electrical Engineering Computer Systems Engineer

    Email: weber@sipi.usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-4147

  • dee_yenJesse T. Yen, Ph.D.
    Department of Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor

    Email: jesse.yen@usc.edu
    Phone: (213) 740-0488