Search Faculty Research Areas

This database consists of self-reported data by the faculty in the Viterbi School of Engineering. The data provided by faculty include:

  • list of research areas/interests/topics
  • list of USC schools the faculty member collaborates with (besides the home school of Viterbi School or Viterbi School of Engineering)
  • major USC Provost's and/or Viterbi School or Viterbi School of Engineering initiatives the faculty member is involved with
  • a brief synopsis of all research topic areas of interest to that faculty member

You can search by faculty member's last name, or by research topic area, to get a list of faculty who have reported that topic/area.

Click on the name to view the faculty member's profile.

Faculty can add/edit research abstracts and keywords on myViterbi's Faculty Research Information Tool. To access the Faculty Research Information Tool please log into using your USCNet username/password. Once logged in click on "Faculty Research Information Tool" which is under the Common Viterbi heading. Please verify and fill in any missing information on the Contact Information screen. Then complete the Web Profile screen. The Research Collaborations and Sponsors Screen, Education History, and CV are optional for the Research Topics search but are used for other reports so please verify the information there too. If you encounter any problems or have any questions or suggestions please contact Jason Dziegielewski.


Search Tips:

  • Use quotes " around multiple words to search for a phrase or for multi-word queries.
  • Place a + (plus sign) directly infront of a word for AND search (i.e. +security)
  • To NOT include a word place, a - (minus sign) directly infront of the word (i.e. -security)