USC Viterbi School of Engineering
2024 Homecoming Picnic

Come Back to Campus for Reunion/Homecoming Weekend 
Join Us for the Annual USC Viterbi Homecoming Picnic!

Reconnect with alumni and friends at our annual engineering Homecoming picnic as we celebrate generations of Viterbi Trojans. Join us for a family-friendly pre-game party with music, a photo booth, lawn games, face painting, food, a bar, and more as our USC Trojans take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers.



For more information, please contact the USC Viterbi Office of Alumni Relations at viterbi.alumni@usc.edu.

Homecoming FAQs


The image is a detailed black and white map of a specific urban campus or complex, enclosed by Jefferson Boulevard to the north, Exposition Boulevard to the south, Vermont Avenue to the west, and Figueroa Street to the east. It features two notable parking structures: the Downey Way Structure located along Vermont Avenue, and the McCarthy Way Structure near Figueroa Street. A significant landmark on the map is the area labeled "A. Epstein Family," prominently marked with a large "A" in a dark circle, situated near the intersection of Vermont Avenue and Watt Way. The map also includes internal streets such as Childs Way, Pardee Way, and Watt Way, facilitating navigation within the area. Additionally, arrows indicate directions to nearby freeways, specifically the Santa Monica Freeway [10] and the Harbor Freeway [110]. The Downey Way Entrance is particularly highlighted on Vermont Avenue, providing a key access point to the area. This map serves as a practical guide for locating various buildings and structures within the delineated boundaries.

Published on August 22nd, 2017

Last updated on May 22nd, 2024