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The Viterbi Awards Office was established over eight years ago and serves as a resource to Viterbi faculty of all career stages by providing support to comply with the many aspects of faculty award nominations. Our goal is to see our faculty receive well-deserved recognition for its outstanding achievements. 

Why are awards important?

Awards recognize the excellent work of our faculty. They also elevate the profile of USC and the Viterbi School nationally. We nominate individuals across all career stages, disciplines, and categories. In fact, 40% of 2017-18 nominations were for junior faculty, strategically laying the groundwork for future award opportunities.

Award nominations we process:
  • International and national academies (i.e., National Academy of Inventors, Academia Europaea)
  • International and national prizes (i.e., Franklin Institute, Dan David Prize)
  • Professional societies (i.e., Fellows, medals, technical achievement, research awards)
  • Early career (i.e., TR35, NAE Frontiers of Engineering Symposium)
  • Regional (i.e., Engineers' Council, OCEC)
  • Teaching, mentoring, and service

We do not process research grants or internal awards

How we support the faculty:
  • Match awards to faculty
  • Confirm nominees meet eligibility requirements
  • Reach out to nominators and references
  • Draft letters, as needed
  • Coordinate and manage all final nomination elements for submission
  • Track faculty award trajectories
What we ask from faculty nominees:
  • Names of potential nominator(s) and reference(s)
  • Current CV
  • Nomination/research statement drafts
  • Required nomination elements (i.e., patents, publications, citations)
  • Self-reporting of successful nominations via the Faculty Honor Notification Tool (on myViterbi)

    Contact information:

    Kim Matsunaga
    Faculty Awards Administrator

    Kelly Wynn
    Faculty Awards Coordinator
    (AME, CEE, CS, MFD)

    Published on March 5th, 2019

    Last updated on August 21st, 2023