Diversity Clearinghouse

The Viterbi School of Engineering at USC takes pride as a preeminent engineering institution in sharing the responsibility of producing high-quality and diverse graduates fully reflective of our pluralistic society to fulfill the 21st century technical workforce needs of this country and the global community at large.

Through our world-class faculty, rich academic programs, and stellar student services and mentoring resources, we are committed to attracting, retaining, training, graduating and placing outstanding men and women students from all backgrounds and demographic sectors of our multi-cultural, diverse world.

Engineering professionals that are life-long learners and equipped with a diversified skill set are best suited to discover, integrate, and adapt to new knowledge and experiences dynamically and effectively as the technology, culture, and needs of the global society continue to evolve. The Viterbi School strives to be a national and international leader in their quest.

To facilitate success in achieving our mission, this clearinghouse resource serves to inform the engineering community at USC and nationwide about available diversity opportunities that can further advance their pursuits. While not exhaustive, many scholarship, fellowship, funding, research experience, internship, conference, workshop, networking, and mentoring opportunities that promote and advance diversity objectives for engineering students, postdocs and faculty are accessible from a database of opportunities contributed to by the community.