Internal Funding Opportunities

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Internal - For USC Faculty only

  • Travel
    • Student/postdoc: some departments (ex: MFD), WiSE ($300 in state, $500 out of state, $700 international)
  • Undergraduate Students
    • Undergraduate Research Associates Program (URAP): $3,000/student stipend + $300 other; faculty must apply; funding during summer or academic year, but limited to $3k/student per year.
    • Merit Research Program: typically undergrads enter with MR, but select upper classman are offered MR support.  Faculty can nominate upper classman.  Nominations should be directed to Louise Yates, Dean of undergraduates; funding during summer or academic year – but limited to $2k/year
    • WiSE Undergraduate Research Grant: must be a female student, typical GPA > 3.5; can only be awarded twice.  Funding during summer or academic year.
    • Rose Hills: must be a junior in engineering, SoCal resident, and GPA>3.5; only provides funding during summer.
    • Provost’s: GPA>3.5; provides funding during summer or academic year.

    Published on December 8th, 2016

    Last updated on April 24th, 2024