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Our students are extraordinary people inside and outside of the classroom. Donor support helps to create a bigger and better impact on their lives. See how our donors have helped our students to achieve and what a few of them are up to!

USC Viterbi - 2022 Year in Review

A look back at the many highlights and achievements that have made the academic year at USC Viterbi a resounding success despite the extraordinary circumstances collectively experienced in 2022.

USC Viterbi Students Talk about the Impact of Donor Support

Trojan engineering students Maya, Cameron, Victoria and Jevon sent a special message to USC Viterbi donors during the 2021 holiday season to thank them for their support and shared how their generosity has impacted them.

The Impact of Gifts to the USC Viterbi Student Aid Fund

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the USC Viterbi Student Aid Fund was established to provide financial support to current engineering students who are facing circumstances that may affect their ability to remain enrolled. Learn about the impact of donor support to the Student Aid Fund, as well as a message of thanks from our students to all of our loyal supporters for helping Viterbi students during this difficult time.

The Impact of Annual Gifts to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Your gift is an investment on the lives of our students, staff, faculty, and greater USC Viterbi community. The power of philanthropy have impacted the lives of Linnea, Miles, Avri, Josh, and hundreds of other USC Viterbi students.

A look at highlights and achievements that have made this academic year a success at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

The Women of USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Linnea, Nicole, Shajeeah, and Celeste share their stories about becoming USC Viterbi engineers.

Why I Chose to Attend USC Viterbi

Hear from Jessica, Raymond, Jasmine, and Mark as they reflect on what makes the USC Viterbi family truly extraordinary.

More than an Engineer: Meet Andrew

USC Viterbi junior, Andrew, talks about his passions outside of the classroom.

More than an Engineer: Meet Nicole

USC Viterbi senior, Nicole, talks about her life inside the ice rink and how it compelled her to become a Trojan Engineer.

Published on July 30th, 2019

Last updated on April 24th, 2023