Summer Internship Testimonials

We asked our interns what they are doing now, their thoughts about the program, their experiences in the United States, and how these have influenced their educational and career choices. This is what some of them had to say:

"My research experience with professor Bhaskar Krishnamachari and USC were unforgettable. Thanks to this internship, I've received some first-hand research experience with wireless and communications projects, which will prove invaluable for my future graduate program application. I am glad this exchange program can carry on year after year. Many thanks to all the people at USC and Tsinghua for organizing this program. I learned a lot and gained so much from this internship and I know it will continue to benefit more students." - Yuankai Ge, Tsinghua Visiting Scholar 2007

"In Viterbi's Summer Internship Program I had to push myself to learn at a fast pace and plan and execute a way to complete a large project. I learned a new programming language and then used that language to complete a large portion of a project to port a Windows game to the XBOX360. The Internship Program also offered interaction with other interns, including group trips and events. It was fun and interesting to meet other dedicated students, some from different states, and even different countries, and hear about their projects. Hearing about the hard work of the other students encouraged me to work hard on my own project."
- Charlene, VSoE Summer Intern 2007 (USC undergrad)

"Overall this experience was very beneficial to my career as I got to see a different aspect of research. I saw in physical form the result of my work this summer in the valve housing I designed. The internship terminated with a tour of the heart valve facilities at Edward's life sciences. This was an amazing experience for me as I got to see how the industry values the research we do."
- Darshin, VSoE Summer Intern 2007 (Georgia Tech undergrad)

"I feel like I have learned some very essential techniques that will allow me to become an active member of almost any molecular or cellular biology lab."
- Raj, VSoE Summer Intern 2007 (USC undergrad)

"I am glad that I chose to work here this summer, not only because of how much I learned, but also because of the people I met."
- Atul, VSoE Summer Intern 2007 (UC Berkeley undergrad)

"The exchange programme is a really enriching experience. I've learnt a lot of new concepts here which will be applicable in various fields of engineering. Hence I am really satisfied that I've achieved something more than expected."
- Saikiran, IIT-Khapagpur Visiting Scholar 2007

"The program has been a wonderful experience. It gave an exposure to research and helped us exploring a lot."
- Monalisa, IIT-Kharagpur Visiting Scholar 2007

"Working with probably one of the best research labs in the world had been a very enriching learning experience for me. I enjoyed my association with University of Southern California so much that I decided to come back here to pursue further studies."
- Rumi, IIT-Kharagpur Visiting Scholar 2006

"During the five weeks in USC I worked with Yuankai at ANRG lab of Viterbi School of Engineering. The main purpose of our project is to establish a radio communication testbed, develop a set of wireless communication programs and implement maximal ratio combination (MRC). Though we got some reasonable result from experiement, it is just a good start for the whole project.... This was the first abroad experience for all eight of us, so there is no doubt that I was a bit excited when our flight landed on another continent. USA has many different aspects from China, and we canot simply say that which one is better. Thanks to my friends and my elder schoolmates from Tsinghua, I got used to the social life of States. In general, I feel the society is full of understanding and fairness with friendly people. America left all of us a delightful impression."
- LI Dong, Tsinghua Visiting Scholar 2007

"I am very hapy to make many friends in USC. Since we are eight guys to participate in the exchange program, we lived together and played to gether, we helped eachother. Now we become good friends, although we come from different department and we didn't know eachother before. "
- WANG Guodong, Tsinghua Visiting Scholar 2007

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Published on August 24th, 2017

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