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Internal Proposal Review Program

The Center for Excellence in Research (CER) is a faculty-initiated program designed to increase the impact and prominence of scholarly research throughout the university. CER has begun a peer-to-peer mentoring service for the review of draft research proposals by faculty outside home departments. The program is particularly useful for faculty who are new to funded research, or who are submitting a proposal to a funding agency to which they have not applied previously.

To take advantage of this optional research support program, please follow these steps:

1. At least four weeks prior to due date: Contact Cevadne Lee in the Office of Research Advancement at cevadnel@usc.edu or 213-740-6709, and provide her with:

—Proposal title
—Funding agency/program
—Due date
—Names of principal investigator/co-principal investigators
—URL link to the solicitation

This information is needed to find a faculty member who is able to review your proposal.

2. Three weeks prior to due date: You will be notified whether a reviewer is available, and who is able to review your proposal.

3. At least two weeks prior to due date: Submit a complete draft of your proposal in electronic form to Cevadne Lee.

4. One week prior to due date: We will return comments to incorporate in your final proposal.

The faculty in our pool of reviewers have experience in the following funding agencies: NIH, NSF, DARPA, NASA, Department of Energy, NEH and Major Foundations.

The reviewers have discipline experience in these areas: History, International Relations, Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Pathology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biochemistry, Earth Science.

We are continuing to seek faculty members to volunteer to join our pool of mentors. If you are interested in joining the pool contact Cevadne Lee and let her know about your prior funded research experience. Also, please take advantage of CER’s ongoing series of workshops that provide training in proposal preparation.

Randolph Hall
Vice Provost for Research Advancement

Community Outreach

USC Civic and Community Relations

USC Good Neighbors Program

Joint Educational Program (JEP)

USC Family of Schools

USC Strategic Plan

Community Based Learning Collaborative (CBLC)

USC Civic and Community Relations (CCR) is actively involved in a new university-wide initiative that links theory and practice by connecting faculty and students with the needs of K-12 schools and community-based organizations. The CBLC helps USC students engage in learning beyond the calssroom by providing the structure needed to guide and monitor the students while they serve as tutors, mentors, consultants, interns and teachers. JEP ‘s traditional service-learning model has been expanded to incorporate other schools and academic units at both campuses. USC CCR plays a leadership role in this project.

Initiative Highlights
  • Increased awareness among students, faculty and community members about service-learning and other volunteer opportunities
  • Participated in the development of a database to link service- and community-based learning activities with community needs
  • Introduced faculty/staff/students to the African Millennium Foundation, a nonprofi that works on micro-credit issues in Africa
  • Participated with faculty and staff in the development of a “white paper” that detailed service learning as practiced in USC College

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Contact USC Civic and Community Relations
USC Community House
2801 South Hoover Street
Los Angeles, CA 90089-7740
Telephone: (213) 743 -5262
FAX: (213) 743-4511
Email: ccr@usc.edu

Viterbi Innovation & Commercialization Programs

NSF I-Corps Innovation Node-Los Angeles: IN-LA

NSF I-Corps Regional Center

Viterbi MEPC and Ideas Empowered

Viterbi Student Institute for Innovation (VSI2)

Viterbi Student Institute for Innovation Startup Garage

VSI2 Startup Garage Summer Incubator/Accelerator

The above materials briefly describe various Viterbi School innovation and commercialization activities and programs. For more details about these programs and contact information, please visit the Viterbi Innovation webpage.

The following is brief information about the USC Stevens Center for Innovation for use in proposals:

The USC Stevens Center for Innovation is committed to working with university researchers to advise and facilitate the filings of patent applications as appropriate, identifying industry partners and programs for the commercialization of his/her innovations and facilitating the creation of startup companies.

USC Stevens takes an active role in inspiring innovation and commercializing USC technology, including:

  • Aggressively seeking out invention disclosures from faculty
  • Implementing a generous faculty royalty-sharing policy
  • Actively developing relationships with potential licensees and business partners
  • Introducing faculty to mentors, investors and experienced management