M.C. Gill Composites Center work on CFRP Hat Stiffened Panels for Aerospace Applications

Viterbi Staff | September 27, 2017

M.C. Gill Composites Center researchers featured in video highlighted by NASA Structural Analysis

Bo Jin Ph’D 17 is a researcher for the M.C. Gill Composites Center. Photo courtesy of Bo Jin

USC M.C. Gill Composites Center’s research project “Manufacturing, Characterization, Finite Element Analysis and Structural Design Optimization of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Hat Stiffened Panels for Aerospace Applications,” led by center researcher Bo Cheng Jin Ph’D 17, has been recently highlighted by MSC NASTRAN (NASA Structural Analysis) as a featured video, in which Jin and Professor Steven Nutt explained USC’s ongoing efforts of aerospace structural design and advanced composites manufacturing methods. The algorithms and methods developed, and the publications resulted from this project have reached researchers and educators world-wide.

A video that features Jin and Nutt can be seen on YouTube at https://youtu.be/nMSA1s2TZdc

Research articles:

B Jin, X Li, R Mier, A Pun, S Joshi, S Nutt, “Parametric Modeling, Higher Order FEA and Experimental Investigation of Hat-Stiffened Composite Panels”, Journal of Composite Structures.

B Jin, X Li, A Pun, S Joshi, S Nutt, “Design Sensitivity of Hat-Stiffened Composite Panels”, American Society for Composites (ASC) Technical Conference.


Published on September 27th, 2017

Last updated on September 27th, 2017

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