PPE Help Acknowledgements


Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Help page was established with the help of various groups of people and we want to acknowledge them for their contributions.


COVID-19 “Clearinghouse” Committee: Ellis Meng, Satyandra K. Gupta, Amy Blumenthal, Nathan Cho, Mahta Moghaddam, Assad Oberai, Raghu Raghavendra

This committee has communicated with various sources to gather information and requests to provide a PPE Help page that not only provides the most up-to-date information and 3D-printed PPE designs, but also connects healthcare facilities and volunteers together to quickly address needs.

USC Viterbi and SMP Engineering: Andrea Armani

Dr. Armani has been leading the “build-at-home” PPE disinfectant methods using UV-C treatment. SMP Engineering team built and paid for the boxes utilized and produced disposable face shields.

Keck School of Medicine of USC: Darryl Hwang, Kymberly Lengyel, Neha Nanda, Daniel Stemen

Dr. Hwang has developed the 3D print designs for filtration masks, face shields, and ear savers in conjunction with CRASH Space and Sunweaver Creative. He is currently assembling the PPEs for distribution at Keck and was gracious to provide these CAD files for our website. Dr. Lengyel has provided information regarding the importance and need for PPEs. Dr. Nanda has discussed about the research and development of nasopharyngeal swabs. Daniel has explained the usage of ventilators and the positive-pressure control system for COVID-19 patients.

Center for Advanced Manufacturing: Alec Kanyuck

Alec and the CAM team have been helping with the 3D printing process alongside Dr. Hwang and the Keck community. He also provided information on the types of 3D printing material that are most effective and robust.

USC Iovine and Young Academy: Tucker Rae-Grant

Tucker and the IYA team have adapted an open-source design for disposable face shields from University of Wisconsin and Delve Design to meet the needs of Keck. They have been mass producing these face shields and provided the design for us to post on our website.

Coordination Volunteering Team: Jennifer Alvarado, Danielle Hixon, Raghuveer Peri, Nathan Cho, and other anonymous members

This team has been monumental in emailing many 3D printing volunteers and connecting them with transportation volunteers for pick-up of various 3D printed PPE parts and delivery to USC Keck. They have been providing weekly updates on the status of the volunteers.

USC Viterbi Website Team: Michael Chung, Andreas Tillman, Madelin Lum

As the head of the team, Michael was in constant communication with the COVID-19 “Clearinghouse” committee and the website team to get this PPE Help page launched. Andreas assisted in making the main page and sub-pages for the website. Madelin helped with the web design component of our page.

GetUsPPE LA Region: Thomas Won

GetUsPPE is an organization that aims to provide healthcare facilities with specific PPEs that are needed. They maintain an online database of makers, volunteers, and healthcare organizations to address current needs and utilize a combination of national logistics and data system to achieve this goal. Thomas is the Los Angeles regional coordinator who has connected USC with GetUsPPE to further help the greater Los Angeles community. He has been utilizing our volunteers for delivery of PPEs to healthcare facilities.


Published on April 21st, 2020

Last updated on April 30th, 2020