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  • Webpage for Undergraduates and Graduate School

    The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) has developed a website to help undergraduates who are interested in summer research and/or graduate school. Please let your students know about it. In a nutshell, here's what's on the website: * A section on what CS graduate school is all about (including FAQs with answers by current graduate students and faculty) * Information, advice, and insights on how to apply for CS graduate school (including another FAQ with answers by students and faculty) * The URO Zone (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Zone) with information on undergrad summer research positions nationwide We've tested this site with a handful of undergraduates and the response has been very favorable. We hope that these resources will be useful to your students as well. Sincerely, Ran Libeskind-Hadas CCC Research Community & Student Outreach Subcommittee Chair Ed Lazowska CCC Council Chair Erwin Gianchandani CCC Director
  • Position available in Research Development at the SC-CTSI (PhD)

    The SC-CTSI Research Development Program is looking for a Program Manager (3-6 months) who will manage multiple and diverse efforts within RD including: Pilot Funding – SC-CTSI’s ~$1/year pilot funding program; Team Building – Multidisciplinary research team development efforts; Planning, Evaluation and Tracking –Process and timeframe of annual program planning, outcomes tracking and evaluation reporting for the ORD program and all ORD awardees/participants RESPONSIBILITIES: With guidance and direction from the Associate Director the incumbent’s overall responsibility is to provide management to on-going, assigned efforts within RD and effectively transition new organizational efforts from the start-up phase to a stable, mature and sustainable phase. The incumbent will hold responsibility for providing programmatic management as well as support and guidance to RD as specified by the leadership team. Additionally, the incumbent is expected to recognize, develop and implement solutions to programmatic challenges that require general systems and processes to ensure effective program implementation across RD. REQUIRED SKILLS: --Communication: The Program Manager will need to rely on problem solving skills to establish effective lines of communication, collaboration and execution across non-traditional organizational lines. The incumbent must be prepared to work with a wide range of University staff as well as external stakeholders including: business community members, venture capitalists, industry, foundations and government agencies; to resolve issues as they emerge. Excellent communication skills as evidenced by preparation of oral and written materials. --Management and Strategic Planning: The incumbent must understand: strategies to advance academic research and infrastructure; possess the ability to master relevant information technology and administrative systems. Must be able to navigate complex processes and adhere to program deadlines; capacity to manage complex operational priorities and experience working effectively with multiple constituencies are necessary for success; ability to handle multiple and competing priorities while paying careful attention to detail is crucial; highly advanced analytical skills to grasp knowledge of multiple disciplines and identify, analyze and resolve complex administrative problems; effective interpersonal skills in order to communicate and collaborate with as well as influence diverse stakeholders. REQUIRED EDUCATION: Advanced degree (PhD, MS or equivalent) with a science background TRAINING/EXPERIENCE: Preferred: project management experience desirable, specifically working with diverse stakeholders in academia Interested parties should contact Dr. Melanie Funes ( Information about the funding program is available at

Published on December 8th, 2016

Last updated on March 19th, 2020