Photography Instructor Tony Gasbarro Marks 25 Years of Teaching at USC

Daniel Scalese | April 6, 2015

Photography instructor celebrates 25 years at USC.

A photo from inside the Aircraft Accident Investigation Lab. Photo credit/Michelle Henry

The Aviation Safety & Security program would like to congratulate Tony Gasbarro, instructor of Photography for Aircraft Accident Investigation, on 25 years of service with USC.

In addition to his teaching at USC, Mr. Gasbarro has been invited to speak on the documentation of aircraft accident investigations to the government of Trinidad and Tobago, to the US Army in Corpus Christi, Texas, at the NASA Mishap Investigation Symposium at Cape Canaveral, Florida and at the General Aviation Air Safety Investigators Symposium in Wichita, Kansas.

Mr. Gasbarro’ s next course in Photography for Aircraft Accident Investigation will take place October 15-16, 2015.


Published on April 6th, 2015

Last updated on August 25th, 2017

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