Stacey Finley Co-Chairs 2023 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting

| October 26, 2023

USC Viterbi research and thought leadership was highlighted in 25 research and panel sessions at the leading event for biomedical engineering research and innovation.

Stacey Finley co-chaired the 2023 BMES Annual Meeting. Image/Victor Ong.

Stacey Finley co-chaired the 2023 BMES Annual Meeting. Image/Victor Ong.

Biomedical engineering excellence at USC Viterbi School of Engineering was in the spotlight at the annual meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) in Seattle on October 11 – 14. The event is the nation’s leading showcase of the latest biomedical engineering research and innovation, with the 2023 theme of this year’s meeting focusing on the convergence of science, technology, and social transformation. The event was attended by over 4,700 registered attendees.

The meeting was co-chaired by Nichole A. and Thuan Q. Pham Professor and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Stacey Finley.

Alongside her research podium presentations, Finley also led panel sessions on Engaging and Empowering Diverse Populations in BME, Transforming BME Training to Ensure Equity and Justice, Building Bioengineers for Advocacy, Public Trust and Regulation, and Representation in BME Research and Data for Health Equity. These sessions were part of a specialty Social Transformation track, which highlighted the role of biomedical engineers in developing innovative and equitable solutions.

Faculty and students from USC Viterbi and the Alfred E. Mann Department of Biomedical Engineering presented 25 research paper talks and panel sessions at the event, and 33 student presentations, including podium and poster presentations.

WiSE Gabilan Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering Maral Mousavi moderated panels on Accessible Technologies and Sex Differences in Women’s Health, and Wearable and Interventional Devices

Alfred E. Mann Department of Biomedical Engineering attendees at the BMES Annual Meeting.

Alfred E. Mann Department of Biomedical Engineering student attendees at the BMES Annual Meeting.

The event also recognized the 2023 class of BMES Fellows. Dr. Karl Jacob Jr. and Karl Jacob III Early-Career Chair and Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Eun Ji Chung was elected as a Fellow this year for “pioneering drug delivery strategies for new diseases and indications while mentoring and supporting the diversity of the next generation of biomedical engineers.” Chung was also a panelist at the conference’s Gender Equity in BME luncheon.

USC’s Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering student chapter was presented with a commendable achievement award at the event, recognizing the organization’s leadership and contributions.

USC also hosted a reception attended by hundreds of conference attendees on October 12 at the Hyatt Hotel. The Mann Department also supported around 30 biomedical engineering students to attend the conference, with 24 of those students presenting their research at the event.

The BMES Annual Meeting was an opportunity for USC Viterbi faculty members to highlight a broad cross-section of research topics, including low-cost sensors for women’s health, heart-on-a-chip technology, CAR T-cell therapy for cancer and more.

USC research presentations at the BMES Annual Meeting (USC Viterbi researchers in bold):

Disposable Low-Cost Sensor for at-Home Identification of Bacterial Vaginosis
Maral Mousavi, Melissa Banks, Farbod Amirghasemi and Evelyn Mitchell.

A data-driven Boolean model explains memory subsets and evolution in CD8+ T cell exhaustion
Geena Ildefonso, Stacey Finley

Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Moderators: Yingxiao Wang, Curtis L. Johnson

Deep Image Prior for Undersampling High-speed Photoacoustic Microscopy
Tri Vu, Anthony DiSpirito, Daiwei Li, Zixuan Wang, Xiaoyi Zhu, Maomao Chen, Laiming Jiang, Dong Zhang, Jianwen Luo, Yu Shrike Zhang, Qifa Zhou, Roarke Horstmeyer, Junjie Yao.

A systems-level analysis of gene knockdowns in colorectal cancer
Niki Tavakoli, Stacey Finley.

Agent-based modeling predicts evolution of the tumor microenvironment in breast cancer
Stacey Finley.

Fluorescence imaging of pancreatic beta cells reveals receptor localization and informs mathematical model of cell signaling
Lynne Cherchia, Stacey Finley, Scott Fraser.

Engineered Control Over Paracrine Interactions Between Hypoxic and Normoxic Skeletal Muscle
Megan L. Rexius-Hall, Malinda D. Madrigal, Megan L. McCain.

Engineering A Patient-specific Heart On A Chip Model Of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
Riya Verma, Megan L. Rexius-Hall, Antonina P. Maxey, Ram Subramanyan, Megan L. McCain.

A low-cost open-source magnetophotometer to characterize the magnetic response of nanoparticle solutions
Alexis K. Scholtz, Victoria Nuñez, Jack Paulson, Armando Urbina, Hari Sridhara, Andrea Armani.

Bilisense: An Affordable Sensor for Liver Health
Victor Ong, Mona Abdelmonem, Abdulrahman M. Al-Shami, Sina Khazaee Nejad, Farbod Amirghasemi, Asna Tabassum, Michael J. Lee, Cathy Zhu, Chur Tam, Patrick Nowlen, Max Miesen, Maral Mousavi.

An Affordable Citalopram Test (ACT) for at-Home Monitoring of the Antidepressant Dosage
Ruitong Chen, Maral Mousavi, Farbod Amirghasemi, Haozheng Ma, Victor Ong, Ava Tran.

SAVE: Selective Assessment of Valproate Efficacy with a Fiber-based Sensor
Farbod Amirghasemi, Kara Ushijima, Nika Shroff, Ali Soleimani, Sina Khazaee Nejad, Victor Ong, Maral Mousavi.

Reprogramming T cells in inhibitory tumor microenvironment with TGFβ redirectors for improved ultrasound controllable CAR-T therapy
Longwei Liu, Linshan Zhu, Zhuohang Wu, Tianze Guo, Yingxiao Wang.

CARTIA: a functional screening platform for engineering the next generation of CAR T-cells against hypoxic solid tumors
Cem Y. Kilic, Jeong Oh, Tianze Guo, Keyue Shen.

In-filed Monitoring of Plant Stress with a Low-cost Electrochemical Sensor
Sina Khazaee Nejad, Abdulrahman M. Al-Shami, Mona Abdelmonem, Farbod Amirghasemi, Ali Soleimani Haozheng, Victor Ong, Maral Mousavi.

Laser-Induced Graphene-based Calcium Sensor for Diagnosis of Milk Fever
Ali Soleimani, Farbod Amirghasemi, Abdulrahman M. Al-Shami, Sina Khazaee Nejad, Alicia Tsung, Maral Mousavi.

Activating Synthetic Notch Receptors by a Micropatterned Surface for Spatial Control of Differentiation
Mher Garibyan, Tyler Hoffman, Nathan Cho, Alex March, Grace True, Megan L. McCain, Leonardo Morsut.

Quantifying Hormone-Mediated Traction Forces Generated by Engineered Uterine Smooth Muscle Microtissues
Antonina P. Maxey, Jaya Travis, Megan L. McCain.

Published on October 26th, 2023

Last updated on October 26th, 2023

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