Dean Yannis Yortsos Receives 2023 HENAAC Chairman’s Award for STEM Leadership

USC Viterbi Staff | November 7, 2023

Dean Yortsos Recognized as a Visionary Leader and Advocate for Diversity in Engineering

Dean Yortsos Receives 2023 HENAAC Chairman's Award

Dean Yortsos Receives 2023 HENAAC Chairman’s Award

In a celebration of talent, dedication and innovation in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the 35th annual Great Minds in STEM (GMiS) Conference has recognized Dean Yannis C. Yortsos of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering with the prestigious 2023 HENAAC (Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards) Chairman’s Award.

The honor is presented to engineers, scientists, or educators “who have used the highest standards of their profession to make exceptional contributions to their profession or to their community, thereby significantly advancing the positive image of STEM professionals in our society.”

Said Yortsos: “In 2015, we helped lead a national diversity pledge signed by more than 230 engineering schools. Perhaps as a result, our nation produces increasingly diverse, vibrant, and enthusiastic engineers from all backgrounds, particularly of Latino origin. In our incredible era for innovation and impact, such diverse STEM graduates will provide ingenious solutions to ever-rising challenges in sustainability, health, security, and enriching life.”

Dean Yortsos Receives 2023 HENAAC Chairman's Award

Dean Yortsos (center) Receives 2023 HENAAC Chairman’s Award

“In pursuing this mission, we have rowed together and in the same direction with GMiS. It is this alignment and this enlightenment that I believe the Chairman’s Award celebrates as we strive to engineer a better world for all humanity.”

All GMiS professional honorees received their awards at the 35th Anniversary GMiS Conference titled, “Recharging America with our Youth,” which took place at the Pasadena Convention Center from October 11-14, 2023.

The HENAAC Awards, an accolade representing a milestone achievement in STEM disciplines, have been recognizing exceptional professionals for over three decades.

Between 2012 and 2017, Yortsos chaired the diversity committee of the U.S. Engineering Deans Council (EDC). His role in spearheading the ASEE’s Deans’ Diversity Pledge, which included an Aug. 4, 2015 presentation at the White House, deepened U.S. engineering deans’ commitment to develop specific diversity plans in consultation with national organizations like NSBE and SHPE; increase K-12 and community college pathways; and increase the number of women and underrepresented minorities in engineering faculty.

The recognition of Dean Yortsos by GMiS underscores the pivotal role Hispanic professionals and their allies play in shaping the future of STEM fields. These awards serve as a testament to the capability of the Hispanic community to lead and inspire, bridging the gap and contributing significantly to America’s position as a global technology leader.


Published on November 7th, 2023

Last updated on November 7th, 2023

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