Giving back with your time and experience is one of the most extraordinary ways you can help the USC Viterbi community.

>Mentor a current student or alumni

>Become a speaker

>Volunteer your company or work space

  • Mentor a current student or alumni →

    Join Viterbi Link and connect either on-on-one or through group connections for professional advice, mentorship, and career opportunities.

  • Become a speaker →

    The Viterbi Spotlight Series is an opportunity for Viterbi alumni and industry professionals to share their academic and professional experiences with Viterbi undergraduate students.

  • Volunteer a space→

    We are always looking for company or private spaces to host events, small and large, for our USC Viterbi students and alumni.

  • Other opportunities →

    From exclusive panels to connecting pre-K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teachers with USC engineering faculty, there are many ways to get involved. Email us your ideal way to get involved!