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| January 24, 2024

EPISODE 11 | ISI’s Artificial Intelligence director, anthropologist Adam Russell, gets to know his researchers. This week: Fred Morstatter

AI/nsiders – ISI

Adam Russell, AI/nthropologist and Director of the AI Division at the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), is on a journey to help build a better world with AI. He interviews the ISI humans behind AI to understand what motivates them, how they shape AI today, and where they hope AI will go.

Fred Morstatter, a Research Team Lead at ISI, shares what he loves about working with students, and what he hopes he’s teaching them in return. He explains why he believes explainable AI is important, and how it could help calm worries about AI bias and misuse. He discusses the mistakes that have been made in AI in the past, how they’re being repeated, and why there needs to be action now to prevent more from happening. He explains why two specific roles in healthcare and politics might have interested him if he’d never gone into AI. Listen to his episode of AI/nsiders below.

See the transcript here.

Published on January 24th, 2024

Last updated on May 16th, 2024

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