“AIs can’t be sentient, they are bunch of numbers that obey algorithms”

| February 28, 2024

EPISODE 16 | ISI’s Artificial Intelligence director, anthropologist Adam Russell, gets to know his researchers. This week: Julie Jiang

AI/nsiders – ISI

Adam Russell, AI/nthropologist and Director of the AI Division at the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), is on a journey to help build a better world with AI. He interviews the ISI humans behind AI to understand what motivates them, how they shape AI today, and where they hope AI will go.

Julie Jiang, a Research Assistant at ISI, shares the story of how she learned about and fell in love with computer science in college. She explains why studying social media and human behavior interests her, and the role that AI played in her educational journey. She discusses why it’s a difficult time for people her age to choose a career path and what advice she’d give to others looking to get into AI. She shares how being in the social sciences has influenced the comments she gets about her work. Listen to her episode of AI/nsiders below.

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Published on February 28th, 2024

Last updated on July 1st, 2024

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