USC Viterbi COVID-19 Response

Please find activities, links and resources below surrounding USC Viterbi's response to COVID-19.

FAQ and COVID-19 Related Pages

Quick-links below to any FAQ page or other pages created on our school site in relationship to COVID-19.

Our Four-Pillar Themes

Content relating to our four pillar themes (people, programs, thought leadership, innovation and outreach) that are unique to USC Viterbi in the current environment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Please visit our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Help page if you are seeking PPE or are able to help to produce, donate, etc. We are trying to coordinate such efforts on this page to protect as many people as possible.

Digital Technologies for COVID-19

Webinars and content surrounding the topic of how digital technologies can aid the fight against COVID-19

Online Events and Seminars

Please visit our Online Events Series page to see upcoming and previous events and seminars

Research Related to COVID-19

Please visit our page Addressing COVID-19 Challenges to learn in detail about our wide ranging and diverse research efforts. New projects join this page frequently. If you are a researcher yourself, you might want to visit COVID-19 FAQ for USC Viterbi Researchers.

USC Student Emergency Fund Options
Messages from Leadership

For complete list of community messages from USC Central please visit this page

8/5/2020 - Provost Zukoski: On Fall Semester Remote Instruction

7/8/2020 - Dean Yortsos' Letter to USC Viterbi International Students

7/8/2020 - President Folt: Message Regarding International Students

7/7/2020 - Dean Yortsos' Letter to USC Viterbi Undergraduate Students

7/1/2020 - Provost Zukoski: On Student Housing and Course Schedules

6/29/2020 - Chief Health Officer Van Orman and Vice President of Student Affairs Crisp: Fall 2020 on Campus

6/19/2020 - Provost Zukoski: Regarding restart activities

6/02/2020 - President Folt: The 2020-2021 Academic Year

5/07/2020 - Provost Zukoski: Project Restart – The Path to Bringing USC Back to Campus

4/29/2020 - President Folt: State of the University Address

4/28/2020 - Provost Zukoski: Academic Updates for Current and Future Trojans

4/24/2020 - President Folt: Celebrating USC’s Graduating Class of 2020

4/16/2020 - Provost Zukoski: Support for the USC Graduate and Professional Student Community

4/15/2020 - Message to Trojan Community from President Folt

4/3/2020 - Memo from Dean Yortsos: Competence and Character

4/3/2020 - An Important Message from the Provost and Chief Financial Officer

3/30/2020 - President Folt and Provost Zukoski: Important Modification to Undergraduate Grading Policy

3/30/2020 - President Folt: Join USC in Helping Those Impacted by COVID-19

3/24/2020 - President Folt: COVID-19 New Actions

3/20/2020 - Provost Zukoski: Options for Course Grades and Withdrawals

3/17/2020 - Memo from Dean Yortsos: Facing the COVID-19 Challenge

Community and Resource Links

USC Student Health - Find info for Operational Updates. TeleHealth and more

CDC - Find Travel Advice, Facts & Figures, How to Protect Yourself and more

Music for Surviving a Pandemic - What Trojan engineers are listening to during this period of self-isolation

COVID-19 FAQ for USC Viterbi Researchers

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